Retail Accounting

At-a-glance insights across every channel


Real-time financial insight

With Brightpearl’s integrated accounting, all your inventory and sales data instantly feeds into your accounting – so you’ll get an overview of your business performance in real time.


Plug & Play integrations

When you join the Brightpearl family, you can choose to use our integrated real-time accounting, or seamlessly connect with major accounting systems like Sage Intacct, Xero, QuickBooks and via Brightpearl’s Plug & Play integrations.


Save time with automation

Automate your invoicing and other manual data-entry tasks to save on bookkeeping. Automatically sync data between your back office and accounting systems for easier accounting.


Do everything in one place

Easily consolidate your multi-brand, multi-entity activities in one centralized system to eliminate complexity, save time and simplify operations.


Next-level reporting

With the click of a button, run bespoke reports to gain a 360-degree view of your business performance, enabling faster, data-driven decisions.


Better financial planning & forecasting

Stay one step ahead of any potential financial impact when adding a new headcount or launching a new product. Take the guesswork out of your quarterly and yearly planning.

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Our customers

Trusted by merchants in every industry

"Compared to the accounting system we had before, Brightpearl has absolutely been a huge step forward. You can audit everything, and anything that happens across the business, all in one place."

David Keith, Growers House

"Before Brightpearl, we didn’t have an accurate picture of our financials until after month end. Now, we can look at any point in time and get an accurate picture of our consolidated sales results."

Jenny Bird, Jenny Bird

"Brightpearl has easy cross-compatibility with the apps we use like Xero and Freshdesk, and its Plug & Play integrations made it the most progressive solution for us in terms of connectability."

Kaevon Khoozani, Bells of Steel

"Brightpearl has been brilliant in the sense that it allows us to manage our client and supplier accounts in their local currency and gives us one simple system to track all of our financials, rather than monitoring across different spreadsheets and softwares."

Jack Lear, Bodysocks &

Why Brightpearl

Retail & accounting expertises in a hyper scalable system

  • Powered by Sage Intacct, the only AICPA-endorsed accounting solution
  • Exclusively built for retail and wholesale
  • Hyper-scalable system that adapts to the way you work
  • Certified partner of Shopify & Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and other e-commerce platforms
  • Expert-led implementation with 97% success rate
  • Powering more than 3 million orders a month – and $5 billion of trade a year
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Core Features:
Flexible Retail Accounting

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Accurate accounting for inventory

Use the FIFO (First-in, First-out) accounting model or account for your COGS at the point of shipment or invoice to boost accounting accuracy.


Integrated landed costs

Get a true picture of the total cost of your inventory and profitability across all channels.


Real-time P&L and balance sheet

Whether you’re invoicing an order, taking payment, processing a shipment or receiving goods-in, accounting entries will be created automatically in real-time.


Plug & Play accounting integrations

Benefit from real-time sales performance reporting in Brightpearl, even when you choose to connect to another accounting tool via our native integrations.


Multi-currency for international expansion

Maintain continuity in your accounts, even as you expand into overseas markets, by automatically managing your supplier and customer accounts, along with their orders, invoices, payments, and debts in local currency.


Automated workflows

Save yourself hours every week by automating manual data-entry tasks like invoicing, payment taking and data consolidation.


Multi-entity capability

With our native Sage Intacct connector, manage your multi entities in the way that suits your needs and easily consolidate multi-entity activities, all within the same system.


Multi-dimensional reporting

Categorize your transactions in the way you want, enabling multi-dimensional reports to give you desired insights for data-driven decisions.


Budgeting & planning

Compare budgets to your actual spends across multiple entities. Use “what-if” scenarios to finetune your planning and forecasting.


Easy VAT returns

Tailored to your tax scheme, our integrated accounting software either generates VAT returns and EC sales lists, or provides data to make reporting on sales tax simpler and quicker.


Amazon FBA reports

Import Amazon fees and other adjustments to corresponding transactions and get the reports you need, when you need them.


Link to your bank accounts

Brightpearl offers seamless reconciliation and activity reporting, so you (or your accountants) can enjoy peace of mind as every deposit, withdrawal, bank payment, and transfer is accounted for correctly.


Accounts payable and receivable reports

In just a couple of clicks, you can track accounts payable and receivable in real-time and across multiple currencies.


Better manage business expenses

Keep track of general expenses and overheads in Brightpearl so that you can accurately report on net profit via supplier bills, bank payments, employee expense claims, and journal entries.

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