Integrated CRM for retailers and wholesalers

Truly understand your customers by having all the information you need in one single system.

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Sales order management

Grow your business with integrated customer insights and CRM

Effective customer management and marketing are essential in improving the customer service experience and encouraging loyalty with both new and existing customers. This means you must have access to a 360-degree view of all of your contacts and customer interactions and the flexibility to manage all types of relationships, from retail customer, to wholesale client, to product supplier.

Brightpearl provides an integrated CRM system that supports real-time tracking of call notes, order history and emails, while seamlessly integrating with email marketing solutions through the use of automatic segmentation. Furthermore, all customer and supplier information is integrated with the rest of your business - including order management, point of sale and accounting.

Benefits of integrated CRM for your business

Automate and accurately target your email marketing, create loyal customers and develop a coordinated, customer first approach across the business with Brightpearl’s powerful, integrated CRM software.

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Automate your email marketing

Brightpearl integrates with email solutions such as MailChimp through automatic contact segmentation, allowing you to fully automate your email marketing from start to finish.

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360-degree view

Orders, emails and call notes are all logged against contact records, providing you with a complete history of each relationship, and access to a coordinated customer first approach.

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Improve your customer service

With access to a full order history and customer interactions, your staff can unite their approach towards your customers, instantly improving the customer service you can provide.

Target your marketing campaigns

Our contact segmentation system alongside MailChimp’s ecommerce 360 feature make targeted marketing campaigns easy, so you can take advantage of new business or exciting upsell opportunities.

Build lasting wholesale relationships

Access to a full customer audit trail and previous order history means you can work efficiently with your wholesale clients and build lasting relationships with them.

Fully integrated CRM

With your CRM integrated with all orders and accounting, learn which customers are your most or least profitable and thus, which customers you should spend more time with.

Read our free guide on automating customer service

Great customer service is all about providing a seamless, consistent conversation across all interactions. Find out how this can be easily achieved through smart use of technology and automation in this free guide.

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Gain a 360-degree view of customers & marketing activities

Brightpearl has all of the features you need to gain a 360-degree view of your customers and various marketing activities, so you can create loyal customers, build lasting relationships and significantly improve your customer service.

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Integrated CRM

Automated email marketing

Wholesale CRM

World class integrations

We integrate with the leading sales channels, marketplaces and services so you won't need to compromise on your technology stack.

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Streamline your sales and lead generation with an integrated CRM system.

Evolve Beauty streamline their customer, lead and supplier communication with Brightpearl.

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“Customers can be tracked, tagged, emailed and updated in no time at all. Having an integrated CRM system has streamlined my sales and lead generation by making it easy to communicate with current and potential clients.”

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Frequently asked questions

Can Brightpearl support both wholesale and retail customers?

Yes. Both retail and wholesale customers are supported as Brightpearl has features tailored to both sets of needs. Find out more in our detailed solutions pages: Wholesale and Retail.

Can you create customer-specific pricing?

Yes. You can set up contacts to be associated with as many different price lists as you require. Whether you choose to create wholesale or trade prices, RRP prices, special discounted prices or whichever other pricing strategy fits with your existing business model, you can do this quickly and easily, and associate each contact with the relevant price list.

Is it possible to automatically segment customers based on their purchasing habits?

Yes. With our workflow automation tool and MailChimp’s premium Ecommerce 360 feature, you can easily (and automatically) segment customers based on key information like order history, contact status and last ordered dates. This empowers you to seek out more cross-sell and upsell opportunities within your existing customer base.

How does Brightpearl handle repeat customers?

Brightpearl has a contact “timeline”, which stores each customer’s orders, payment history, emails, call notes and contact information. These timelines are synced with primary email addresses, which means when customers order from you again in the future, everything is logged against their original contact record. And in the event of a customer changing their email address, you can easily merge records to continue to keep everything in one place.

How long does the implementation process take?

The time can vary from one customer to the next and is determined by their requirements which have been carefully scoped by our Pre Sales Team. We get our customers live on the system within 90 days on average, but some customers have gone live within just 14 days!

Our Professional Services team delivers the solution the customer signed off on by using a phased project methodology. It is our job to lead them safely to the outcomes they originally wished to achieve.

Each member of the team plays a key role in the project - consultant, coordinator and analyst.

Together, we ensure high quality delivery and a positive experience to ensure a strong, sticky, relationship with the customer is forged. This will set them off on the right path to have a successful long-term affinity with Brightpearl.

What channels does Brightpearl integrate with?

Brightpearl integrates with all the leading ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon via high performance connectors we’ve built in-house. Brightpearl also has its own integrated iPad-based point of sale with offline mode capabilities. Alongside this, we’ve also built apps to support card payments, email marketing and landed-cost. And we have a thriving ecosystem of partners who have built integrations to connect with popular shipping carriers, as well as 3PL systems, automated EDI solutions and more. Take a look at our Partner Directory for more info.

A powerful all-in-one back office solution for retailers and wholesalers

Gain a real-time 360-degree view of your customers with CRM and marketing that integrate with all your orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting and reporting in one single system.

See the benefits of Brightpearl’s integrated CRM system in action

Ensure there’s a personalized and coordinated approach towards your customers from all departments with Brightpearl’s powerful CRM software. Find out how Brightpearl can also fit into every part of your business with a demo from one of our business experts.