Retail CRM software that will maximize the lifetime value of your customers

With Brightpearl's retail CRM software, you can ensure a personalized and co-ordinated approach to your customers.

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Create loyal customers

Existing customers are often your best prospects and communicating effectively with them maximizes your return on investment. Brightpearl’s powerful sales analysis and contact tagging system makes it easy to accurately target your marketing campaigns towards loyal or lapsed customers.

Customers can be tracked, tagged, emailed and updated in no time at all. Having an integrated CRM system has streamlined my sales and lead generation by making it easy to communicate with current and potential clients.
— Laura Rudoe, CEO, Evolve Beauty

Customer interaction

Brightpearl logs order history, email communications and other notes and activities against a customer record in our integrated CRM, so you create a complete history of each relationship. For your customers that means clear joined up communications whoever they are talking to.

Help your staff members to collaborate

As your team grows and roles change, it’s imperative they can easily interact with each other and share accurate information. Brightpearl’s online CRM software integrates your helpdesk, activity management and email dropbox to ensure important messages aren't left on scraps of paper.

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