Reporting and Business Intelligence specifically for merchants

With Brightpearl reporting and business intelligence, retailers, brands and wholesalers have instant access to the most complete set of data-driven retail insights and analytics covering the entire business. From deep product and customer insights, to financial reporting, inventory and demand planning and management reports for all channels, our built-in reporting and analytics tools provide a complete picture of your business, enabling smarter decision-making in real time.

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“We can see which products we want to move quickly because we’ve had them for a long time. We monitor which days are busiest as well as the impact of a new delivery, and if we have a spike in sales, we can check things out like what the weather was like that day.”

Holly-Leigh Harvey, Cabbages & Roses

Key Reporting Features

Maximize your profits and margins with clear visibility into your business’s performance. Monitor, report, and analyze where improvements need to be made and implement the decisions that make the most sense for complete optimization.

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Management reporting

Instant access to all of the financial and trading metrics that matter for your business, across all channels, products and customer segments. Track revenue, profitability, inventory, order value, customer behavior, supplier performance and more, ensuring you have complete visibility into all aspects of your business.

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Product analytics

Transform siloed product data into revenue generating opportunities with key product metrics at SKU and category level across all of your sales channels. Identify which are your best and worst performing products; filter by channel, geography, customer segment, seasonality and more; identify the impact of promotions and tie-in marketing and acquisition data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebooks Ads and more, to build a complete picture of product performance.

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Customer reporting

With the cost of customer acquisition spiraling upwards, it has never been more important to have deep and granular understanding of your customers. With Brightpearl reports, you can segment based on acquisition source, sales channel, product and category, spend, purchase frequency and more, giving you all you need to build the most effective and targeted campaigns to increase revenue, repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.

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Sales Channel Performance

Your multichannel dashboard is your single, consolidated view of sales channel performance, enabling you to compare your ecommerce, marketplace, physical store and wholesale channel performance in terms of both revenue and profitability. Compare channels by region, seasonally or how they respond to promotions, enabling you to invest more in your most profitable channels and take corrective action on those that are underperforming.

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Financial performance

With real-time access to your company’s financials, you can be confident that you’re making the best possible decisions to maximize profits and performance. No more waiting for month-end to get a true picture of margin, or struggling with multiple systems to see a holistic view of accounts payable and receivables. Gain a single view of your purchasing and invoicing and an accurate picture of working capital based on real-time inventory reporting.

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Inventory and demand analysis

For both long-term range planning and short-term replenishment, accurate, complete and real-time inventory and sales data, presented in reports optimized for decision-making, is essential. Brightpearl combines multi-location, real-time inventory with built-for-merchants reporting and analysis tools, so your purchasing team can make fully informed decisions on a daily basis, and you can plan the most profitable long-term product strategy.

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Report scheduling

Key to running a successful retail or wholesale business is staying in control through access to key performance metrics. Brightpearl’s reporting and business intelligence is designed to help you quickly get to the KPIs you care about, in the most convenient way possible through scheduled reporting. View your reports on screen, offline or in your inbox, enabling you to identify changes as they happen and manage your business by exception.

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Full-featured reporting and business intelligence

Customize reports using multiple filters, build role-specific dashboards for different members of the team, schedule delivery and export data as needed. With Brightpearl, you have access to a built-for-retail analytics and reporting tool designed to help you make the best possible decisions for your business.

Key benefits of Brightpearl’s shipping and fulfillment management

  • Retail business intelligence built-in

  • Data feeds from all of your key applications

  • Make the right decisions faster

  • Insights in the hands of those that need it

Retail business intelligence built-in

All the important KPIs of a retail or wholesale business, built-in and ready to use. Unlike generic BI tools, Brightpearl is configured out of the box to use your data, so set-up time is minimal, meaning you can start making smarter decisions right away.

“We were looking for the flexibility and reporting to make better, informed business decisions. We got all that with Brightpearl.”

- Donna Best, Golden Protective Services

Data feeds from all of your key applications

Combine real-time sales, margin, performance data and inventory levels with feeds from your ad platforms, marketing solutions, web analytics and more, to provide a complete picture of your retail or wholesale business.


Make the right decisions faster

Accurate, centralized and easily accessible data, combined with flexible reporting, enables you to make decisions across your business or to focus on specific products, channels, customers, regions and more.

“We found Brightpearl which is focused towards supporting multichannel retailers with access to integrated accounts, inventory managementPOS, ecommerce and marketplaces. It was exactly what we were looking for plus the pricing strategy helped.”

- Jonathan Partridge, David Shuttle

Insights in the hands of those that need it

Ensure every part of your business, from the warehouse team, to finance, customer support, sales and marketing have the metrics that are most relevant to their role, enabling faster and better decision-making across the business.


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“The reporting is very good. Plus, the syncing of inventory to all our channels is what we were after. With Brightpearl, you can know your numbers really well as a retailer: you know your best sellers and when you’re running out of inventory.”

Adam Watson, Want Gifts

A powerful all-in-one retail operations platform for retailers and wholesalers

Gain in depth insights into your business performance with real-time inventory, order, supplier, customer and financial data that’s streamlined in one system.

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