Integrated warehouse management software

Brightpearl’s integrated warehouse management software supports barcode scanning, efficient inventory counts, workflow automation, flexible fulfillment options for all types of retail and wholesale businesses and is fully integrated with your entire business - including inventory management, sales order management, purchase and supplier management, customer service and accounting.

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“Using Brightpearl’s WMS allows us to eliminate a huge amount - if not all - mistakes and in turn, we can give much better service to our customers. Our stocktaking process is far cleaner and far quicker than it ever was before. Having a proper structure allows us to deal with the exceptions very quickly.”

Simon Hutchinson, Natural Baby Shower

Integrated Warehouse Management Software

Brightpearl’s intuitive warehouse management system has all the features you need to establish efficient goods out and goods in processes, keep track of returns and reduce mispicks and other warehouse errors.

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Fully integrated warehouse management

Fully integrate your warehouse management with Brightpearl’s complete retail operations platform, and connect all your one-off inventory corrections, returns, sales orders and purchases with real-time inventory management and accounting.

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Dedicated user interface for warehouse teams

Brightpearl WMS has a separate login and interface for your warehouse management team. It’s easy to learn and contains only the data and workflows relevant to the warehouse. Designed specifically to provide the information and functionality required by warehouse staff without the distraction of other functionality.

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Automated shipping integrations

Integrate with leading shipping providers and 3PL systems to print labels automatically, with accurate data, as a shipment is packed. Put an end to time spent manually creating shipping labels and manifests.

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Agile warehouse order picking

Agile order picking means pickers can opt out of FIFO to pick from alternative locations, and packers can scan items to open and pack related shipments, removing thinking time from the packing station and allowing SKUs to drive the process.

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Regular cycle counts and review

Perform full inventory counts or focus your stock-checks on inventory based on location, throughput, value, product attributes or a user-defined selection. Schedule cycle counts in advance to maintain inventory proactively and regularly. Managers can review each count’s variance from the expected inventory levels line by line based on levels, value or product groups before either updating the system or splitting lines out to be recounted.

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Barcode scan your inventory

Barcodes can be applied to products, locations, shipments and returns to increase throughput and eliminate human error. Users can quickly submit and access the information they need and audio alerts mitigate errors by alerting the user to incorrect items or invalid selections. With Brightpearl WMS, you can use scanning on receiving goods in, processing returns, performing inventory counts and during your pick-pack-ship process.

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Hassle-free returns management

Allow your customers to drive the returns process by simply shipping their items back to you. Brightpearl WMS allows you to automatically initiate the sales credit process on receipt of returned items. Feed into the next workflow based on the return context and reduce demand on customer services.

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Configurable warehouse goods out workflows

With Brightpearl, your goods out process can be modified to fit your needs - print, pick and pack any order using printed lists or mobile hardware. Batch shipments together based on your prefered criteria to increase productivity and reduce warehouse journeys. Create the most efficient pick routes through the warehouse to save time.

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Reconcile deliveries and returns

When new inventory arrives at your warehouse, you can reconcile it against specific purchase orders and sales credits in Brightpearl to remove any disconnect or confusion between the warehouse and other teams.

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Custom filters and views

Customize the filters and column selection for all listing screens to prioritize results. Presets allow you to quickly access frequently used subsets of your data, allowing you to initiate key processes in a few clicks. Prioritize shipments based on their contents, shipping method, location, delivery date or other criteria.

Benefits of Brightpearl’s integrated WMS

  • Eliminate warehouse errors

  • Efficient warehouse management

  • Control your inventory

  • Ship faster

Eliminate warehouse errors

For many merchants, warehouse errors are the single largest cause of unhappy customers. By switching to Brightpearl WMS and barcode scanning, retailers and wholesalers can drastically reduce mispicks and in turn, reduce negative reviews. Delight customers and get them coming back again and again.

With Brightpearl, the likelihood of negative customer service as a result of human error is reduced by 65%.

Efficient warehouse management

No matter how much inventory you have, or how many locations it’s held in, a fully integrated WMS provides you with an accurate inventory count.

It’s critical that you count your merchandise on a regular basis, but we know that you want to increase the frequency and effectiveness without increasing admin, or headaches. Rather than purely counting all your inventory at once, you can build counts by zone, location, product value, fast moving inventory, product attributes and more, whilst automating subsequent updates to your selling platforms and channels.

And when flexible, accurate inventory counts are also combined with Brightpearl's native real-time accounting, you’ll always know the value of your inventory so you can make faster, more informed decisions to grow the business.

We create the products in Brightpearl and they are automatically pushed to our warehouse system so when we receive them, the stock is immediately there in Brightpearl. It’s so seamless - when our warehouse team ship an order, the order status is immediately updated in Brightpearl.

- Dimitri Chernyak, Priority Tire Outlet

Control your inventory

Visibility into accurate inventory levels across multiple locations is essential for avoiding overselling, missed sales and inaccurate financials. With Brightpearl’s fully integrated WMS, you have real-time control over all of your inventory, enabling you to confidently sell across multiple channels while maintaining complete visibility for reordering and promotions.


Ship faster

In an “I want it now” world, retailers need to shrink their order handling time to a minimum. Brightpearl WMS drives down handling time with batching, scanning, optimizing pick routes and automating fulfillment on certain predefined orders.

“We can get orders out over 70% faster.”

- Wave McFarland, The Woolery

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“We’re now able to offer a next day delivery service. Because all the orders are automatically pushed through to Brightpearl as soon as they’re placed, we now have a later cut-off time so we can get a lot more out every day.”

Stuart Harvey, Fairfax and Favor

A powerful all-in-one retail operations platform for retailers and wholesalers

Seamlessly integrate efficient warehouse management and with the rest of your business, ensuring your inventory, purchasing, CRM, accounting, reporting and POS workflows are all running smoothly together. Ultimately, Brightpearl allows you to streamline and automate your back office, so you can focus on opportunities and business growth.

Frequently asked questions

Does Brightpearl’s warehouse functionality support barcodes?

Yes. Barcode scanning for inventory counts (i.e. stocktakes) and inventory updates, as well as the sending and receiving of deliveries is supported by Brightpearl’s integrated warehouse management system. 

Can Brightpearl manage cycle counts (i.e. stocktakes)?

Yes. With Brightpearl’s integrated WMS, you can perform cycle counts (i.e. stocktakes) frequently and with less hassle. Also, rather than counting all your inventory at once, our WMS enables you to build counts by zone, location, product attributes, product value, fast moving inventory and more. 

How does Brightpearl integrate with 3PLs?

We have a thriving ecosystem of partners who have built integrations to connect with 3PL systems. If your 3PL integration is not provided by our partners or you want to have a direct integration to your own 3PL, we have an open API which means that your developer can link your 3PL to Brightpearl easily. This allows for inventory updates to and from your 3PL as well as the sending of customer orders for fulfillment by your 3PL.

How long does the implementation process take?

The time can vary from one customer to the next and is determined by their requirements which have been carefully scoped by our Pre Sales Team. We get our customers live on the system within 90 days on average, but some customers have gone live within just 14 days!

Our Professional Services team delivers the solution the customer signed off on by using a phased project methodology. It is our job to lead them safely to the outcomes they originally wished to achieve.

Each member of the team plays a key role in the project - consultant, coordinator and analyst. 

Together, we ensure high quality delivery and a positive experience to ensure a strong, sticky, relationship with the customer is forged. This will set them off on the right path to have a successful long-term affinity with Brightpearl.

See the benefits of Brightpearl’s integrated warehouse management software in action

With Brightpearl, you have access to a complete retail and wholesale management platform that scales as your business grows. Learn more about why Brightpearl is the best solution for your business and how it can speed up your warehouse management and order fulfillment operations with a personalized demo from our business experts.