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Keep ahead of the rise in wholesale ecommerce with an all-in-one back office solution.

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wholesale & dsitribution management

Tailor your back office to the wholesale environment

Brightpearl is designed to help you efficiently manage and grow your wholesale or distribution business in the face of fierce competition, ever-more demanding customers and a highly uncertain trading environment.

While all types of ‘retail’ business have to do three core things with an order – invoice, take payment and ship - the complexity is in the detail and the sequencing of each of these steps. Force-fitting software designed for consumer-facing retail to handle wholesale and distribution workflows just doesn’t make sense.

Brightpearl is used by hundreds of wholesalers and distributors, and the functionality and workflows have been honed to fit the unique requirements of businesses selling to other businesses.

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Growers House scales with reliable retail technology

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Growing your wholesale business

Success in wholesale today is all about flexibility and efficiency. Being able to offer your customers the order, delivery, payment and service options they want can make all the difference, and doing so efficiently means you can grow while protecting the bottom line.

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Be open for business

Ecommerce for B2B customers is gaining popularity at speed, which presents challenges if your systems can’t cater for different channels. Brightpearl’s complete solution means you can do business via any chosen channel – be it online, phone, EDI, in the field and at trade shows.

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Delight customers

Demanding wholesale clients require fast responses so your customer-facing staff need instant access to all the data needed to answer questions - from product and shipment status to billing, credit and balance information.

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An efficient back office

To protect margins, your processes need to be highly efficient in order to save on costly overheads. Speed up your order management, fulfillment, warehouse and supply chain processes with Brightpearl’s designed-for-wholesale automation.

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Expand, profitably

Growing your wholesale business profitably and from a position of intelligence is only possible if you have access to valuable insights quickly and efficiently. Brightpearl provides you with instant access to account, channel, product, pricing and supplier performance data.

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Single view of your business

To maintain control and visibility across your entire business, Brightpearl’s solution integrates all your sales channels, CRM, warehouse, inventory and supply chain in a single system, avoiding the data silos that plague so many wholesale businesses.

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Get paid quickly

It’s a given that getting paid as quickly as possible is important for cash-flow. But to consistently achieve this, you need to reduce friction and offer the flexibility your customers expect for payments. Brightpearl handles on account transactions, as well as split, invoiced and online payments.

Scale and grow your business with Brightpearl’s complete wholesale solution.

Casey’s Distributing efficiently distributes to over 2000 U.S. retailers with Brightpearl.

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“We’ve definitely made our money back on the investment in Brightpearl. We’ve certainly saved in expenses and made better decisions as a result of Brightpearl.”

Ben Johnson, VP of Operations, Casey’s Distributing

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Key product features for wholesalers

Brightpearl efficiently manages the complexities of wholesale businesses by offering flexible pricing and invoicing options alongside complete account management and back office automation.

  • Complex order fulfillment
  • Flexible pricing and invoicing options
  • Complete account management
  • Ecommerce for wholesale customers
  • Automate your back office

Complex order fulfillment

Brightpearl’s flexible order fulfillment functionality allows you to drop-ship, partial fulfill, process back orders and complete back-to-back ordering as is required to meet the varying needs of your wholesale clients. Simply choose the relevant warehouses or suppliers to fulfill orders from and let your own processes and those of your wholesale accounts guide you, rather than limitations of software or manual workarounds.

Flexible pricing and invoicing options

While most retail consumers pay upfront, your wholesale customers need different payment terms. Brightpearl supports proforma invoices, true invoices, payment on account, and deposits and part payments, and whatever the model, your accounts will always be automatically updated and your accounts receivables and sales staff have full access to payment status for every item.

With Brightpearl you can set-up individual price lists by account, by group of accounts, for discounting, by sales person, or whatever makes sense. Similarly, currencies, discount rules, payment and credit terms can all be set to match your trading requirements.

For more information on Financial Management in Brightpearl, click here.

Complete account management

Brightpearl has been designed to enable sales and support staff to provide the best level of service to wholesale customers.

For new orders, sales staff can see the credit limit and current outstanding balance for the client, immediately informing them of any potential issues. Similarly, accounts receivable staff can view a single real-time report showing all outstanding accounts (or debtors), with line-by-line status information including ageing information, and with one-click, can send emails or text message alerts.

The built-in CRM capability enables you to keep all account information in one place, fully integrated with your order history and accounts.

Ecommerce for wholesale customers

While many of your wholesale customers will still place orders by phone, an increasing number want to order online. Brightpearl’s high performing connectors to the major ecommerce platforms enable you to support separate wholesale and retail storefronts, driven by different price lists and taking full advantage of the functionality offered by the platform.

Further, with Brightpearl’s customer portal you can provide your wholesale customers with real-time statement information, individual order status as well as the option to make payments on account, giving your customers a complete self-service capability.

For sales staff on the road, visiting customers or at trade shows, Brightpearl’s iPad-based POS gives them instant access to your product catalog, including pricing specific to the customer or event and the ability to place orders, allocate inventory and update customer information. If you have an internet connection, this is all updated in real-time on Brightpearl, and so inventory levels are immediately accurate on all other channels or, if you’re offline, the orders can still be placed and everything synchronizes as soon as you’re back online.

Automate your back office

To compete in demanding distribution and wholesale environments, you need to be running the most efficient back office possible, and with Brightpearl’s automation rules engine, you can operate all of your fulfillment, invoicing and accounting on an exception basis, freeing-up resources to focus on serving customers and selling more.

Brightpearl’s automation requires no coding and no IT resource to set-up or modify. Workflows built specifically for wholesale business models can be automated using a series of simple rules and exceptions to match your specific requirements.

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Automate your wholesale business and expand profitably

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