As with retail, the future of wholesale is ecommerce. Brightpearl was born as a wholesale management platform and is the perfect solution for taking your wholesale business online.

Real time accounts receivable management

Offer credit, payment terms and settlement discounts to your wholesale customers to help drive sales. Avoid costly mistakes of shipping to delinquent customers or failing to send invoices with Brightpearl’s real time invoicing and account receivable management.

Brightpearl has definitely saved us time, helped us align departments and brought people together. Brightpearl is an ever-changing solution to help the needs of businesses.
— Mark Nicholls, Co-Founder and Director, The Little Green Sheep

Simplify your payment process

A straightforward payment process means you’re more likely to be paid accurately and on time. Use Brightpearl’s integrations with leading payment providers like Stripe or WorldPay to process payments directly and save payment information for key accounts.


Manage price lists

Creating and managing multiple product price lists can quickly become a headache in spreadsheets. Brightpearl’s price list management allows you to define what's customer specific to ensure your accounts are being quoted accurate pricing for their level of discount. Automatically update pricing as your costs or relationships change.

Create an automated wholesale order process

More and more wholesale businesses are moving towards providing an automated sales cycle because it requires fewer staff, leads to less ad-hoc discounting and improves order accuracy. By using leading EDI providers or an ecommerce platform like Magento to create a wholesale portal, you'll be able to automate the process of order taking and invoicing.

We couldn’t sell our wine to restaurants before Brightpearl because we couldn’t guarantee perfect service. Now, we can and our restaurant trade has grown by 95%.
— Emma Robson, Co-Founder, Bat and Bottle

Track your sales reps and accounts in real time

Brightpearl allows you to assign accounts to sales representatives and track their performance across your business. Easily generate commission reports and identify key accounts that haven’t been contacted recently.