Unlock your Amazon sales potential with Brightpearl’s FBA features

With omnichannel functionality combined with FBA features that no other ERP offers, Brightpearl saves merchants time and money while making it easier to provide a frictionless experience, wherever and however customers are buying.

Key features that our Amazon users love


FBA inventory reconciliation

Comparing Amazon’s inventory information across multiple systems is overwhelming. With Brightpearl, match inventory with Amazon and when it fluctuates, data is aggregated and presented for reconciliation automatically, ensuring data continuity and better accounting for inventory write-offs.

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Settlement report mapping

While Amazon provides a bi-weekly settlement report outlining its various fees, it can still be challenging to understand how profitable Amazon really is. With Brightpearl, map individual Amazon fee codes to your account codes in Brightpearl, making it easier to guide future FBA decisions.


Multichannel Fulfillment (MCF)

Using Amazon’s fulfillment network as a backup option to your own fulfillment methods can help you save the sale and keep customers happy. With Brightpearl, gain full control of the shipment routing by mapping Brightpearl warehouses to Amazon fulfillment centers and then map those to sales channels.


Unlock powerful FBA insights

Access a consolidated view of Amazon’s performance in both revenue and profitability. Compare all of your different channels by region and seasonality to make data-driven decisions on where to continue to invest and where to make improvements.


Automate Amazon FBA workflows

Speed up your Amazon FBA order processing while reducing fulfillment costs with more streamlined operations. Create rules based on a number of different conditions to automate the allocation and fulfillment of FBA inventory.


Easily transfer FBA inventory to Amazon

Eliminate any manual processes needed to transfer inventory to Amazon by streamlining the transfer process. Gain a complete audit trail by knowing what inventory you have in Brightpearl compared to any inventory that’s been shipped to Amazon.

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