Order management for Amazon

To succeed on Amazon, it’s critical to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Brightpearl provides efficient order processing workflows to ensure orders from all channels are managed in one place and automated wherever possible, so you can maintain strong customer loyalty.

Flexibility for growth to scale with your business


Amazon order management

As your business grows on Amazon, it becomes increasingly important to ensure every order is managed without incident. With Brightpearl’s first-party Amazon connector, avoid overselling and missed opportunities even during peak periods, so your business grows without software holding you back.


Amazon fulfillment management

Once an Amazon order is marked as shipped in Brightpearl, the shipment update is sent to Amazon. Manage advanced fulfillment workflows like partial shipments and dropshipping in Brightpearl to offer more flexibility without sacrificing efficiency on Amazon.


Amazon multichannel order management

Sell wherever your customers buy your products, whether it’s marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, or webstores like Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce by managing all orders from every channel in Brightpearl. With features like multichannel fulfillment, map Brightpearl warehouses to Amazon fulfillment centers and then map those to sales channels.


Download pending orders

Allocate orders in Brightpearl as soon as they’re ordered on Amazon, despite the “pending” status. Prevent overselling inventory by removing the inventory from Amazon and all other sales channels.


PII Compliant

Brightpearl is compliant with Amazon’s Personally Identifiable Information requirements to ensure proper data protection and privacy. The auto-generated email sent from Amazon for every order is linked to the order in Brightpearl, so you can still identify consistencies in each buyer’s behavior.


Amazon business orders

Identify new business orders in Brightpearl and add purchase order details with a customer VAT number.


Order customizations

Ensure you satisfy custom requests on orders like gift wrapping, gift messages and order notes from Amazon to Brightpearl and properly allocate any additional charges from those requests.

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