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B2B ecommerce business management

Tailor your back office to the B2B environment

In the growing world of B2B commerce, businesses are under immense pressure to offer new and exciting shopping experiences for increasingly demanding clients. The traditional B2B methods of in-person and phone sales are no longer the only and expected forms of commerce, with easy and seamless B2C-like shopping experiences and automated EDI transactions gaining popularity at speed.

Brightpearl provides B2B businesses with an all-in-one automated solution, which integrates order management, accounting and a 360-degree view of your clients, enabling you to spend more time developing lasting client relationships, seeking new opportunities and getting paid sooner. Furthermore, Brightpearl’s embedded workflows and functionality have all been designed to fit the unique requirements of your business, perfectly.

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Bat and Bottle has seen 5x growth in online sales since implementing Brightpearl

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Growing your B2B commerce business

B2B clients expect flexibility on how they order and how they pay, which presents new challenges for multiple channels and can mean data is everywhere. Brightpearl consolidates all your data into a single real-time system and provides all the flexibility you need to grow your B2B business

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Mobilize your sales

To build strong client relationships and grow your B2B sales, you must be able to meet new clients face-to-face. Brightpearl’s iPad-based point of sale ensures your field sales teams can efficiently create sales, check product details and update client information while on the road.

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Single view of your business

Maintaining visibility and control across your entire business is difficult in this fast-paced environment and is even more difficult with siloed systems and data. Brightpearl enables you to manage all your sales channels, inventory, warehouse and CRM from one single system.

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Be open for business

B2B clients expect flexibility for how they can place orders, which means you’ll need to be able to support any channel they choose and automate updates across each. Brightpearl empowers you to complete business online, by phone, EDI, in the field and at trade shows.

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Expand, profitably

Expanding your business profitably and from a position of intelligence is impossible to do without instant access to valuable insights. Brightpearl provides you with all the real-time data you need including product, pricing, channel, account and client performance insights.

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Get paid sooner

Succeeding in B2B commerce and getting paid sooner requires you to offer flexibility in how your customers pay so your systems must support a wide range of options. With Brightpearl, your clients can pay online, by phone and make split and on account payments.

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Delight customers

B2B clients expect flexibility and fast customer service, which is a challenge if a complete picture of each vendor cannot be obtained. Brightpearl provides your staff with all the tools and real-time data they need including credit and balance information and payment terms.

Streamline your B2B commerce with efficient back office automation software.

The Office Coffee Company thinks Brightpearl is the best decision they ever made for their B2B business.

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"My CRM, inventory and order processing feeding instantly into my accounts has made life so much easier. Brightpearl is the best business decision we’ve ever made."

Richard Doherty, Managing Director, The Office Coffee Company

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Key product features for B2B commerce

Grow your B2B business from a position of intelligence with access to real-time data, flexible business options and complete account management in Brightpearl.

  • Flexible pricing and invoicing options
  • Complete account management
  • Ecommerce for B2B customers
  • Back office automation

Flexible pricing and invoicing options

In a B2B environment, your clients want the flexibility to be able to pay according to different business models and their own accounts payable processes.

Brightpearl supports payments on account, proforma invoices, complete invoices, deposits and split payments, and automatically updates your accounts regardless of which payment process is used.

Furthermore, you can set-up individual price lists by account, group of accounts, sales person, for discounting or whatever makes sense to your business. Similarly, payment and credit terms, currencies and discount rules can all be set to match your own trading requirements.

Complete account management

Brightpearl’s built-in CRM capability enables you to keep all client information in one place, and is fully integrated with your accounting and order history.

Brightpearl provides your staff with a complete CRM tool so they can maintain high levels of customer service towards your business accounts. For new orders entered manually, sales staff can see the credit limit and current outstanding balance for each client, immediately informing them of any potential issues.

Ecommerce for B2B customers

We know that an increasing number of business accounts want to order online as well as via the traditional method of over the phone. With connectors to leading ecommerce integrations, Brightpearl supports all your B2B and B2C storefronts, driven by different price lists.

Additionally, Brightpearl’s online customer portal provides your clients with a complete self-service capability with up-to-date statement information, individual order statuses as well as the option to make payments on account and pay off outstanding invoices.

To support clients you meet on the road and at trade shows, Brightpearl’s iPad-based point of sale solution enables field sales teams to check product details, create sales orders, reserve inventory and update client information while on the road. When you have an internet connection, this is all updated in real-time. And when you’re offline, you can still place orders as normal, with Brightpearl syncing everything as soon as you’re back in coverage. This means you can truly mobilize your sales and meet clients face-to-face, resulting in improved client loyalty and a healthy trading relationship.

Back office automation

To promote B2C-like shopping experiences for your B2B accounts, your back office processes need to be as efficient as possible.

Brightpearl’s workflow automation tool provides you with configurable rules to allow you to automatically fulfill and invoice orders, as well as update order statuses and segment clients. The automation tool requires no IT resource or coding to set it up or modify rules, allowing workflows built specifically for B2B business models to be easily and quickly automated as soon as you’re live with the system.

Brightpearl also integrates with leading EDI solutions to allow you to fully automate your supply chain, freeing-up valuable time to be spent on working with your existing clients as well as seeking out new business opportunities.

World class integrations

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