Brightpearl & Ad-Lister Partner Up to Make Selling Online Easier

Brightpearl & Ad-Lister Partner Up to Make Selling Online Easier

At Brightpearl, we’re always on the hunt to expand our existing partner ecosystem. This is to ensure our customers always have the latest and greatest functionality, systems and tools that can work in harmony with our business management and automation software.

And one of the latest additions to our technology partner network is Ad-Lister.

We recently caught up with Sean Sale, Owner of Just Applications Ltd who has founded a variety of software applications, including Ad-Lister; and Scott Hill, VP Product at Brightpearl, to find out more about the new integration, and how they think this partnership is going to benefit online businesses.

Introducing Ad-Lister

Ad-Lister is an intelligent listing tool that can be used to create and manage eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento product listings. All listing designs are responsive to both mobile and tablet devices.

But Ad-Lister also has a wealth of other benefits to bring to online sellers, including the ability to view a competitor’s sales history to help with vital business decisions over what products you should sell and for what price.

In Owner, Sean Sale’s words: “Ad-Lister’s in its thirteenth year now. And the reason why it was built is because listing onto platforms is difficult. We’ve now got integrations to all the leading platforms like Amazon, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce, alongside eBay. So we’re a one-stop shop for listing onto multiple platforms.”

Sean then went on to tell us: “From May 2018, eBay sellers with new stores will be provided with standard eBay design templates. Whereas we can supply online sellers with a very function-rich shop, which will be HTTPS- and SEO-ready. This means that it’s still possible for sellers to look different and look better than their competitors.”

“We also have listing template and store builders, so even if sellers just want a quick solution to make them look better than their competitors, they’ll have that within 5 minutes,” Sean continues.

Ad-Lister & Brightpearl Working Together

Brightpearl now has a standard integration to Ad-Lister that will allow users to:

  • Export products to Ad-Lister, which can then post the products to sales channels like eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify.
  • Import products from Ad-Lister and then manage inventory and prices for those products from Brightpearl’s interface.
  • Update product information for existing items, such as titles, descriptions, prices and inventory.
  • Request custom automated jobs that will streamline the import, export and posting of products from Ad-Lister to different sales channels.

“Merchants can use Ad-Lister to make their listing management workflows more efficient, whilst Brightpearl retains control of all inventory and order management,” Scott Hill explains. “We wanted to leverage their profile management technology, and they had support for the major channels we care for.”

We asked Sean how he felt about the partnership, to which he replied: “We’ve known about Brightpearl for a while – long before this official partnership. So if a seller needed an inventory control or accounts system, we’d often refer them over to Brightpearl. We were always impressed with your toolkit.”

If you’re interested in adopting the Ad-Lister integration within your business, you can find it in our app store! Or if you want to learn more about the integration, take a look at their listing on our partner directory now.