Customer Spotlight: Brightpearl and BigCommerce Are The Perfect Match for Atlantic Cigar

Atlantic Cigar

When any business is looking to bring in a digital operations system (DOP), they usually have one big, burning question: how quickly can we get up and running? 

And it’s a fair ask – after all, the quicker a post-purchase back office solution is live, the quicker results start rolling in (and the less disruption to day-to-day business). 

Here’s the good news: unlike legacy ERPs, which can take a year or more to get set up, Brightpearl can be deployed at lightning speed – on average between 90-120 days. 

One of the most recent fast-growing businesses to experience our rapid rollout is premium cigar brand, Atlantic Cigar Company.

The family-run business, which has a hugely successful online presence plus busy retail stores and cigar lounges in PA, CT & NY, went live on Brightpearl in just ONE month. Yes, really

“It was important to us for the software to be deployed quickly – we didn’t have months – or years – to wait for a legacy ERP to get set up,” says Paul Scipioni, CEO and President at Atlantic Cigar. 

“Brightpearl went live for us in about a month without any interruption to our day-to-day business, which was really impressive.”

It wasn’t just our speedy implementation that lit up the path to success for Atlantic Cigar, either. 

Brightpearl also offered a native, out-of-the-box integration with the brand’s ecommerce platform, BigCommerce (and in case you’re wondering, we do the same for Shopify and Shopify Plus customers, too). 

Paul adds: “Brightpearl came highly recommended for being able to provide a ‘plug and play’ integration with BigCommerce, so we were eager to sign up.”

And there’s more. 

Brightpearl’s range of best in class features, from a market-disrupting Automation Engine and an impressive demand forecasting tool, have transformed the behind-the-scenes operations at Atlantic Cigar.

The scalable, robust platform has even saved the business from hiring up to 10 people to keep up with demand, saving a significant sum of money. 

As Paul puts it: “There’s simply no way we could have handled the volume of orders during the pandemic without Brightpearl.” 

Are you a BigCommerce customer that’s experienced rapid growth? 

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