Driveline Baseball Hits a Home Run With Inventory Planning Technology

Driveline Baseball

How Driveline Baseball hit a home run with its Inventory Planning, allowing the business to accurately forecast demand and cut excess inventory

Founded in 2008, Driveline Baseball is a $10 million B2C baseball training brand, based out of Kent, Washington that specializes in baseball performance training and equipment, including its best-selling Smash Factor Balls™. It switched from StitchLabs to Brightpearl, then left for a ‘cheaper’ solution before learning the hard way that the ‘grass isn’t always greener’.

Like most retailers right now, Driveline has struggled with ongoing supply issues combined with unpredictable consumer demand. While not-enough-stock was the major issue during the pandemic months, now the big problem is excess stock. 

In fact, recent research we carried out showed that the average US retailer is hoarding $48,000 of excess stock, equivalent to 22% of their overall inventory and nearly half (43%) of American retail brands have surplus goods they’re desperate to offload.

However, luckily Driveline Baseball have the secret weapon they need to eliminate excess stock and accurately forecast demand, even for multiple variants and bundles: Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner Premium

The Power Of Inventory Planning  

“Tools like Inventory Planner Premium have been genuinely game-changing – especially in the current market,” says Emily Coolbaugh Chief of Staff at Driveline Baseball.

“If you sell more than a million dollars’ worth of stuff every year, you have to have a system like this. You just have to.

“It’s great to be able to go to the CEO with an exact report of our inventory – it’s up to date, and it’s accurate every time.

“We use it to ask, ‘Hey, what are we going to need for the next 45 days?’ and Inventory Planner tells us down to the last unit what we need to order, factoring in our supplier lead times.”

Overstock levels are now set to hit ZERO thanks to Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner Premium.

Emily explains: “Thanks to Inventory Planner Premium we are able to perfectly distribute that inventory and lower costs of fulfillment! Inventory Premium Planner is also allowing us to order inventory in an on-time delivery scenario, so we only have inventory that we need.

“In short, it gives us the power to make informed decisions about inventory.”

Know exactly when, where and what to reorder with Brightpearl’s intuitive Inventory Planner Premium. Want to learn more? Watch a short demo here.