eBay vs Amazon: A Selling Guide [Infographic]

eBay vs Amazon: A Selling Guide


The ongoing and never-ending battle of the marketplaces; eBay vs Amazon. How many times have you heard the question “eBay or Amazon?”. Many times, I can imagine. Well, we decided to tackle the biggest debate in online retail with a visually-appealing infographic and try to finally help you understand the eBay vs Amazon pros & cons.

For each marketplace, we’ve explored and compared the number of visitors per month, how many countries have localized websites, the average time spent on site, the number of items available, the percentage of sellers making over $1 million and whether sellers are able to capture customers email addresses. 

Ding ding ding, let the battle commence!

Amazon steal the first round with almost double the number of visitors per month, but eBay pull back with a longer average time on site and by there being more countries with localized websites. However, Amazon takes the lead again with more items available and more sellers making over $1 million, but eBay allows you to capture customer emails. It’s a pretty close call!


eBay allows you to build your own brand and grow your own loyal customer base, however even though you’d struggle to achieve that on Amazon, it does offer a consistent customer experience and allows you access to the largest marketplace with thousands of customers.

Would do you think is the best? eBay or Amazon? Comment below and let us know why! Why not join the debate on Quora; ‘Retailers: Which marketplace do you prefer, Amazon or eBay?

The eBay vs Amazon infographic is taken from ‘The Guide to Mastering Multichannel Retail‘ which is full of great advice for multichannel retailers. Download now for free!