Lightning 50 Sector Special: DIY & Gardening in Full Bloom

Brightpearl’s Lightning 50 was launched in 2021 to recognize the UK’s fastest-growing online brands. With the full shortlist now announced, we’re taking a closer look at the sectors that have seen some of the most impressive results. 

In this blog, we’re looking at the DIY & gardening sector

There were few winners in 2020 – but brands in the DIY and gardening sector were definitely among them. With millions of people stuck indoors, many began to focus on home improvement.

In fact, the average person spent 39 minutes a day on DIY and gardening in March and April 2020, an increase of 143%. This had a powerful impact on the wider economy, which rallied in no small part thanks to a 9.9% increase in DIY and homeware spending. 

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that eight of the companies on the Lightning 50 are DIY and gardening brands, which have all grown massively in the last year. 

The big DIY boom

“It’s not a shock to see so many awesome DIY and gardening brands make the Lightning 50 – but they are very much worthy of recognition,” said Mark Hook, Global Director of Comms at Brightpearl.

“Despite hugely challenging circumstances, with many items in short supply, DIY and gardening brands – especially those on the Lightning 50 – pulled out all the stops to adapt and thrive. 

“From adding new sales channels to offering click and collect services, tech has been instrumental in the success of many DIY and gardening brands – and is set to continue to play a pivotal role going forwards.

“The brands on the Lightning 50 that are Brightpearl customers already have a leg up on the competition as they are able to rapidly curate a changing roster of the very latest and best tech to suit their needs.”

Let’s look at some of the DIY and gardening brands that made the list…


Lightning 50 ranking: 11

Revenue increase: 349%

The highest ranked DIY and gardening brand on this year’s Lightning 50 is NatureWall. Specialising in real wood wall panels which are lightweight and easy to fit thanks to innovative Peel and Stick technology, NatureWall is a Hull-based business that has tripled its revenue in the last year. 

The brand credits Shopify and Facebook as the tech driving its success, alongside the wider trend for interiors that took off in 2020. NatureWall has recently expanded its range, and now offers panels in a range of styles, including alpine, reclaimed, yellowstone, driftwood and oak. 


Lightning 50 ranking: 19

Revenue increase: 250%

Established in 2004, Cleva is a global manufacturer of award winning vacuum cleaners, air movers and outdoor power equipment – including the popular Vacmaster® and LawnMaster® ranges. 

After more than doubling its revenue in 2020, the brand is bigger than ever – and credits technology with its most recent growth. The business is operated using cloud-based tech, so it was easy for teams to work from home with minimal disruption.

The business has also embraced automation, which saves time, eliminates errors and lowers labor costs.

Garden Mile

Lightning 50 ranking: 4

Revenue increase: 608%

Garden Mile is a prime example of a brand that successfully tapped into the soaring demand for garden-related and homeware products in 2020/21.

The family-run company, based in Scotland, designs and manufactures its own unique products – which have proven to be best-sellers in recent months. 

The brand puts its own website on the list of tech that has driven its success, alongside trading on Amazon and eBay – which, as a Brightpearl customer, the business can integrate and manage via one central hub. 

Top 5 tech driving growth in the DIY and gardening sector: 

  1. Amazon
  2. Facebook
  3. eBay
  4. Shopify
  5. Magento

Do you run a DIY and gardening brand that’s doing awesome things?

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