Our customers’ top tips for Valentine’s Day 2016

Our customers' top tips for Valentine's Day 2016

February already? That can only mean one thing, it’s almost the most romantic day of the year… Valentine’s Day!

You’ll either love or hate the day we’re encouraged to express our love but either way you can’t avoid it so why not embrace it? With $18.9 billion supposedly spent for Valentine’s Day 2015, it’s a huge holiday that’s hard for retailers to ignore as the chance to increase sales is on offer.

We surveyed 120 of our customers about their retail habits around Valentine’s Day. One of the questions we asked was “What is your top promotion and inventory ideas for retailers this Valentine’s Day?”. We aimed to create a visually-appealing infographic with the top 10 tips but there were too many great answers so here’s the top 11 tips!

Retailers from all different industries took to answering the question including the fashion, music, sport, jewellery, homeware, footwear, beauty, technology and pet industries.

From using pretty pictures, optimizing your supply chain, shouting on social, sending your customers Valentine’s Day cards, putting on special offers to avoiding the event completely, retailers are exploring many different ways of tackling the day of love. There’s something for every industry to offer when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

These tips offer a range of advice that will have your independent retail business ready for your most successful Valentine’s Day yet!

What’s your favourite tip to embrace Valentine’s Day? Do you have any tips to add? Comment below to let us know!