Webinar Round-Up: How To Ditch Manual And Embrace Automation On Shopify

Shopify Automation webinar

Are you a Shopify merchant that’s bogged down by manual processes? 

We see you. And we have a solution…

With the right tech and a little bit of knowhow, almost all of your manual operations can be automated, freeing you up to focus on growth.

At Brightpearl, we’re on a mission to help you make automation happen so we recently hosted a webinar called How To Ditch Manual and Embrace Automation On Shopify.

Moderated by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, founder of Retail Minded – and joined by Shopify’s Global ERP Partnerships lead, Carrie Gofron, Kelly Vaughan, CEO & Founder at The Taproom and Tanya Sadovnichaya from Brightpearl – the panel took a deep dive into the very best ways to automate key workflows on Shopify (even without backend software). 

Didn’t catch it live? Here’s a handy rundown of the top takeaways…

  • “Automation saves time as well as dollars”

During the panel, testimonials were shared which proved the impact automation can have on ecommerce businesses. For instance, a testimonial from Snap Supply revealed that, before embracing automation, they had two full time employees whose remit was purely data entry.

Brightpearl customers save on average two months a year with automation and as Nicole put it: “The human touch can only go so far – automation saves time as well as dollars”

  • If you’re repeating a manual process over and over again, it’s time to automate

Many merchants wonder about the right time to embrace automation and it’s something Carrie from Shopify was keen to explore in the webinar. 

She said: “Anytime you are repeating a manual process over and over again, it’s time to automate. You should always be asking yourself: ‘can I automate this?’. Anything that impacts your time and your business should be automated.”

  • Order fulfilment is one of most popular workflows to automate

When you’re considering automation for your business, it’s useful to hear about how other businesses use Brightpearl’s automation feature. In the webinar, Carrie shared Shopify stats that showed Google searches for automating order fulfilment had jumped 300% in 2020 vs 2019. 

Later, Tanya went on to reveal that order fulfilment is one of the first things most customers automate. 

She said: “Order fulfilment and creating shipping labels are two of the most popular workflows to automate – and it makes sense. Merchants want to eradicate mistakes and get orders out of the door ASAP!”

  • Automate so you have time for the things that can’t be automated

Brightpearl has created an easy-to-use Automation Engine to make it easier than ever to embrace automation – but some things in your business just can’t be automated, which makes automating what you can even more important. 

Kelly from The Taproom explained: “You can’t automate things like writing product descriptions or taking great product photos, which means it’s even more important to free up time by automating everything you can. You can then spend the time on critical things that ensure a satisfying customer experience.”

  • Automation can seem scary, but it’s worth it

Even with the huge benefits of automation spelled out, it can still feel like a daunting task. This is something Carrie from Shopify took the time to address in the webinar. 

She said: “Automation can feel overwhelming and like a lot of work. We have experts in our partner ecosystem, like Brightpearl, who know this like the back of their hand, so lean on them and trust them. If you take the time to set up automation, you will get the time back later. 

“You can get back to what you started the business for, feel inspired by your products again, and have the time to focus on other things.”

And as Kelly added: “You’re always going to be bogged down by manual tasks unless you make the time to get automation set up. So push through it – it’s worth it!”

Want to catch up in full? Watch the complete webinar now.