Webinar Round-Up: How To Use Automation To Save Time And Smash Your Goals

Do you ever wish you could stop wasting time on tedious manual processes and instead focus on the stuff that really matters when it comes to growing your business? 

You’re not alone. Many ecommerce retailers have got stuck in a loop of manually completing simple tasks instead of investing their energy in strategic areas.

But there is a solution. Automating your post-purchase operations can give you back the time you need to scale successfully. 

In our recent webinar, How To Use Automation To Save Time And Smash Your Goals, we were joined by three rapidly-scaling brands to hear how they’ve experienced significant growth thanks to workflow automation.

Moderated by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, founder of Retail Minded, the panel included Nick Ernst, Co-Founder at Snap Supply, Melissa Mactaggart, Operations Manager at Fairfax & Favor, and Dan Nephew, Director of Systems Operations at Lovepop.

Didn’t catch it live? Here are five key takeaways…

  • Automation helps fast-growing brands keep up with demand
    By automating post-purchase workflows, businesses can dramatically speed up their order processing times and better cope with demand. 

As Nick said in the discussion: “Brightpearl has helped us keep up with growing ecommerce demand. We’re fulfilling orders so much more efficiently that we now prepack all of our boxes and our products. It previously took about 10 minutes to manually process an order. Now, we can process 50 orders in that time. And because we have saved so much time, we’ve been able to improve our customer service.”

  • Automation is essential for businesses that want to scale

The growth of the ecommerce sector isn’t showing any signs of slowing down – and businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve need to utilise automation sooner rather than later.

As Dan put it during the webinar: “If you really want to grow your business, you can’t have manual processes. You need automation to be able to scale effectively. My advice would be to go for it. Make it happen.”

  • Automation puts an end to ‘buffer’ inventory

Do you keep stock ‘just in case’? There’s a better way…

Dan told us: “Brightpearl’s automation tools have helped us speed up transaction processing and get a real-time handle on our inventory. This has meant we no longer need a ‘buffer’ inventory. It has improved cash flow and enabled us to save costs by optimizing how much we hold in inventory.”

  • Automation adds up to a big customer service boost

Keeping your customers happy is the key to loyalty and long term success. Automation can help make it happen. 

Nick said: “We use Brightpearl to automate our order shipping through ShipStation. Prior to Brightpearl, we had to manually enter all the orders into our system. That’s now an automated process. All orders automatically have the shipping method allocated so our team can just do one batch print of the shipping labels and picking tickets. The shipping tracking is automatically logged on Brightpearl and the inventory is automatically reduced and allocated. There’s no overselling. It all adds up to a huge customer experience boost.” 

  • Automation helps business owners see the big picture

When you’re weighed down by manual processes, it can be hard to find the time to step back and take a look at the bigger picture within your business. Embracing automation can help you change that. 

Melissa shared in the webinar: “Before we had automation in place, there were areas of the business that got ignored a little bit. Automation has given us the time to sit back, look at the bigger picture of the business and see what needs to be improved, and then take action.”

Want to catch up in full? Watch the complete webinar now.

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