Welcome to the family! The latest fast-growing brands choosing Brightpearl to supercharge their e-commerce success

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Despite all the curveballs thrown at e-commerce brands this last year, awesome retailers are still hitting their big growth goals and opting for the Brightpearl Retail Operating System (ROS) to fuel their successes. A big welcome to the following multichannel retail brands to have joined us over the last month – many of which are in the Fashion & Accessories sector – as they tackle the challenges of rapid scaling in this fast-moving business climate, and take big strides towards Growing Fearlessly with Brightpearl. 

Upstairs Downstairs

Homeware brand Upstairs Downstairs is a family-run business going back to 1983, and is one of Ireland’s leading furniture stores. The company operates via three bricks-and-mortar outlets based in Monaghan, Enniskillen and Lisburn, and also runs a popular website powered by Shopify Plus – selling high-quality furniture, flooring, bedding and home accessories, direct-to-consumer from over 150 suppliers.

To maintain visibility between the multiple parts of the business and facilitate expansion of its ever-growing processes, Upstairs Downstairs chose Brightpearl over competing ERPs which were ‘too lightweight’ to support their goals. Now the business is looking forward to 360 degree, real-time insights across its multichannel processes with Brightpearl as its central source of truth. 

Astley Clarke

The UK’s largest digital jeweler, Astley Clarke is a British luxury jewelry brand which stocks leading heritage stores such as Selfridges and Liberty alongside its flagship store in Seven Dials, London. Its award-winning website invented the demi-fine category when it launched back in 2007. 

To boost a period of rapid B2C growth, Astley Clarke moved from a legacy ERP to Brightpearl, and it was implemented in a super-speedy 150 days. With Brightpearl the company has filled all missing gaps in its former processes – replacing manual tasks such as orders fulfilment with the powerful Automation Engine, and integrating wholesale billing and finance reporting functionality.

Wild Rye

Wild Rye was keen to boost cross-business visibility and more seamlessly manage their multichannel inventory in one central place, so chose Brightpearl over TEN competing tech vendors – which they found unfit to support their increasingly complex operational framework.

Suitably based in Sun Valley, Idaho, Wild Rye has carved a smart niche as an inspiring activewear brand aimed at women-identifying folk who love the outdoors. Women-owned and women-led, the company conducts consumer direct orders via their Shopify-powered web store and B2B via outlets such as Nordstrom, REI and local retailers in mountain towns.

“Brightpearl has been a solid Retail Operating System for our growing brand,” said Shannon  Allen, VP of People and Operations at Wild Rye.

“Prior to the launch, we had a lot of manual processes and systems that did not talk which left a lot of room for error and hours of tedious work for our team. We have already benefited from the integration with shopify and our 3PL and are in the process of additional integrations to help us from a B2B standpoint.”

Shaun Leane

With A-list fans such as Meghan Markle, it’s unsurprising that high-end jewelry retailer Shaun Leane has seen an increase in exposure over the last year. Established more than 20 years ago, the House of Shaun Leane is based in London’s jewelry quarter of Hatton Garden, and is known for its timeless, elegant collectibles that can be worn every day.

Shaun Leane came to Brightpearl after realizing it needed to invest in a robust, flexible operating system that could cope as order volumes quadrupled with the firm’s growing popularity. After syncing seamlessly with multichannel brand’s Shopify website, Shaun Leane now has access to Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, game-changing intelligent demand forecasting and e-commerce reporting, allowing for quick and data-backed business decisions. 

Sean Leane joins us alongside other luxury jewelry brands in the Brightpearl family, Astley Clarke and Jenny Bird. 


With its ‘adventure first, product second’ philosophy resonating with both its employees and its growing customer base, UK outdoor apparel brand Passenger has seen huge success in the last few years, with an outstanding 362% growth rate that recently landed it in the Lightning 50’s fastest-growing e-commerce brands of the year.

Keen to boost visibility by bringing its operations together into a central source of truth, Passenger signed up to Brightpearl. With Brightpearl’s robust, customizable functionality and range of out-of-the-box Plug & Play integrations – including to Shopify, Xero and Peoplevox, the leading Retail Operating System allows brands like Passenger the freedom to rapidly scale without tricky blockers to growth. 

With an expert-led implementation, Passenger was set up with Brightpearl in an incredible 90 days. 

“We knew that our existing systems wouldn’t be able to cope with our growth and volume forecasts,” says Jon Lane, CEO at Passenger. “We wanted to future-proof the business by growing into a scalable, flexible central operation platform. Brightpearl stood out from the crowd as the best option around.

“Joining the other top brands that use Brightpearl is an important turning point for our business; we’re excited to benefit from the platform to grow in any direction we choose.”

To see for yourself how Brightpearl can transform your multichannel retail operations to support rapid growth, book a demo with us today.