What’s fetish brand Honour’s safe word? Brightpearl.

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Fetish store saves 100+ hours a month with Brightpearl!

Director of Honour, Joe Xuereb is all about customer satisfaction. When he discovered Brightpearl he was looking to uplevel the entire operational structure of his multi-channel fetish business.

“We run a complex operation, and these days you need to be as slick as Amazon, offering the same level of world class service if you hope to compete. In that respect, Brightpearl has been a game changer,” he says.   

Since hooking up with Brightpearl’s robust and scalable digital operations platform (DOP) and automating many of their post-purchase workflows, the team at Honour are saving around 28 hours a week – that’s 112 hours a month they can now dedicate to business growth instead of time-consuming manual processes. 

Based in Waterloo, London, Honour started out as a lingerie and gothic clothing store back in 1988. Over the years the brand moved into more fetish-based garments, toys and accessories, and the customer base grew rapidly. 

So too did the business. With a vast 10,000 products on offer, the much-trusted brand now trades across several websites, both direct-to-consumer and wholesale, as well as to online marketplaces such as Amazon. The flagship store in Waterloo, London is also as strong as ever.

As an early adopter of e-commerce, Honour had built its technology stack around a legacy provider – but serving a growing product range to several online and offline channels meant cracks in their operations started to show. Joe had even hired external contractors and extra staff to tackle their frustrating manual workstreams. 

The Honour team needed to address their pain points urgently if they were to continue on their strong growth trajectory.

Their safe word? Brightpearl.

Brightpearl’s built-for-retail automation package was the perfect choice for Honour.  Seamlessly syncing with key apps, including 3PL softwares such as Shipstation, it was deployed quickly, and offers real-time reporting functionality and rapid scalability. 

With their complex operations completely streamlined and automated, Joe and the Honour team have eliminated delays and mistakes, seen positive feedback soar, and reclaimed over 100 hours of time each month to focus on growth. 

Joe is a big fan of Brightpearl’s automation engine, as well as the connected real-time updates. 

He added: “The Brightpearl platform gives us a single source of truth – a real-time view of our entire business. This insight will support the type of rapid decision making and communications which will be pivotal for our long-term success.

“We’re pleased – actually, we’re really, really pleased with it!” 

Want to be like Honour? Take advantage of Brightpearl’s market-disrupting automation engine and save TENS of hours every week; get in touch today. We seamlessly integrate with your key systems so you can be up and running within 90 days.