Customer Statements


Customers who purchase from you on credit will usually expect a regular statement which summarizes how much they owe, how old that debt is and which invoices it relates to.

Statements can be sent from Brightpearl by email or they can be printed to be sent by post. Each time the statement is emailed it will be recorded on the customer timeline. 

Creating & customizing statement templates

Statements are generated using a customizable template. You will have a default template in your account already but you can edit it or add more templates for your needs. This means you can create various designs and layout, or versions which include different levels of dunning letter. When you generate your statements you choose which template to use each time.

When creating a customer statement template you just need to include the _statementDetail_widget. This is what generates the list of invoices, credits and payments on the document. Unfortunately it is not possible to customize the columns used for the statement detail section. When you generate the statements you will be able to choose what level of detail to include - all account activity with or without payment details, or just outstanding items only.

Emailing & printing customer statements

Brightpearl provides two types of customer statement:

  • All activity - displays all financial transactions for the customer, occurring between two dates
  • Outstanding items - displays all uncleared items remaining for the customer, such as unpaid invoices, credits and on-account payments