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With Brightpearl and BigCommerce under the hood, Priority Tire Outlet leaves its competitors in the dust

Key Facts





Amazon, eBay & Walmart

Sales channels

Priority Tire Outlet is an omnichannel retail business selling new tires from their headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA and across the states through their novel dropshipping approach.

“Being able to manage our inventory across all our channels and the warehouse is a huge benefit and a big step forward for us. Seeing every order, what your profits and margins are, volumes per day, what you sell on different channels, and pricing detail are all especially important in our market when you can be priced out by as little as 50 cents!”

— Dimitri Chernyak, President, Priority Tire Outlet

The background

Priority Tire Outlet is an omnichannel retail business. They operate out of their headquarters and primary warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and secondary warehouse in Grand Prairie, Texas. In addition to their own warehouses, they are connected to 200 external warehouses across the USA through which their customers receive their orders direct from the vendors via dropshipping.

“We started 14 years ago with our first business, Best Used Tires, which sells used tires and is currently the largest business of its type in the USA,” Dimitri Chernyak, President of Priority Tire Outlet told us. “Over time, we got into the new tire business and through what we learned over that time and the connections we made with new tire vendors, we decided to split the business in two. We launched Priority Tire Outlet in March 2018 and now sell via our BigCommerce store, through Walmart, and on Amazon and eBay.”

The challenge

“After we made the decision to split the business between used tires and new, we knew we needed the right system to run it,” Dimitri explained.

“We used Coresense to run Best Used Tires, and when we started with them, what they offered went far beyond what we needed. However, through the years it was not developed sufficiently and so there were lots we wanted to do that we couldn’t and some things that just weren’t possible. For example, we wanted to set up drop-shipping with our vendors to reduce delivery times for our customers, centralize our inventory across all our channels in one place, and have better listing control for our eBay channel as it was taking up a lot of admin time to manage it.”

So Priority Tire Outlet did a lot of research into what else was out there. “We looked at Skubana, Ordoro, and Channel Advisor, but they didn’t offer what we were looking for. We considered NetSuite too, but their lack of omnichannel functionality wasn’t as good as Brightpearl’s,” Dimitri told us. So Priority Tire Outlet went with Brightpearl.

Now that Priority Tire Outlet had their back office system, next they needed an ecommerce platform to run the business. “We really liked BigCommerce as a platform and we were really impressed by their sales team. With others we spoke to, they weren’t responsive to our questions and we felt that if they were like that before we even signed up, it didn’t suggest that they would be any better if we went with them.”

“Whereas some people we spoke to told us to just watch videos online, BigCommerce really helped us out; they worked with us explaining how different parts of our site was going to work. So right away, we knew it was going to be a better solution for us. Moving to BigCommerce gave us huge advantages – the interface was really simple to use and it’s so easy to manage our products and feed them to Google. It was night and day from what we had before,” Dimitri told us.

“We are very satisfied with the way BigCommerce and Brightpearl work together,” Dimitri says.

Key Challenges:

  • Had grown beyond the limits of their existing ERP solution
  • Needed to control drop-shipping across multiple vendors across the USA
  • Wanted to gain tighter control over administering their eBay channel

The solution

So Priority Tires began running their business on Brightpearl.

“We use Brightpearl as the central data source,” Dimitri explains. “We create the products in Brightpearl and they are automatically pushed to our warehouse system so when we receive them, the stock is immediately there in Brightpearl. It’s so seamless – when our warehouse team ship an order, the order status is immediately updated in Brightpearl.”

“With our old system, we could only ship twice a day. But with Brightpearl, it’s flexible so we can ship when we need to. This is key to our same-day shipping guarantee we make to our customers with Amazon Prime orders and it means we can process them faster than we could before.”

Dimitri also explains how the flexibility is key to their novel vendor dropshipping strategy: “The tires we have in our own warehouses and the ones that we dropship from our vendors need to be managed completely differently and we can do that with Brightpearl. So if an order comes in and it’s for one of the tires we carry in our warehouses, we fulfil it ourselves via Brightpearl and our warehouse system. But if it’s for any other product that our vendors carry, it bypasses our warehouse team completely and is handled entirely through Brightpearl.”

We asked Dimitri how he found running Priority Tire Outlet on Brightpearl compared to the system he uses to manage Best Used Tires. He told us: “Being able to manage our inventory across all our channels and the warehouse is a huge benefit and a big step forward for us. It’s the visibility. Seeing every order, what your profits and margins are, volumes per day, what you sell on different channels, and pricing detail are all especially important in our market when you can be priced out by as little as 50 cents!”

Key Strengths:

  • A complete omnichannel platform
  • Centralized inventory and price management across all channels
  • Sophisticated warehouse management allowing for multiple drop-shipping approaches

The future

We asked Dimitri to tell us what’s on the horizon for Priority Tire Outlet.

“With tires, there are so many variations, so no business can carry all of them, but we can offer all of them. So we’re working with Brightpearl’s Automation app to create rules based on zipcodes,” Dimitri told us excitedly. “So when a customer orders a tire from one of our vendors, Brightpearl will automatically dropship it to the one nearest to where they are, which not only cuts down on what we pay to FedEx, but it means we can ship it to the customer faster too!”

Dimitri told us that this innovative approach to drop-shipping will mean they can offer the same level of service as Amazon Prime. “We’re going to be promoting this guarantee with all our orders placed via our website. When our customers select a tire, they will be able to see how soon they will receive that tire before they place the order,” Dimitri explained. “Our customers who bought from Best Used Tires and now buy from Priority Tire Outlet have seen much faster shipping times, and now that we can see our profit margins more clearly, we can price more competitively, which means that often, they’re paying less.”

Dimitri also told us about how they’re planning to expand further over the coming year. “We’re continuing to add warehouses all the time. Next year, we’re planning to open one more in Florida and another in California so we can offer faster deliveries and lower costs to our customers while reducing our shipping overheads all the time.”

“We’re working on integrating with Jet and New Egg and looking to hit 120k orders a year by March 2019. Brightpearl is such a cost-effective way to run our business; we can do things now that we simply couldn’t do if we used our old system. The team at Brightpearl are amazing and really easy to work with. If we have a problem, they work with us to get a solution that does what we need – even if what we need is bespoke to us only. We feel really supported,” Dimitri told us.