Customer Story

Roseland Furniture continues its year-on-year growth with Brightpearl

Roseland Furniture is a family-run business with over 80 combined years experience in the furniture industry.

“Put simply, we couldn’t run our business without Brightpearl.”

— Michael Broom, Operations Manager, Roseland Furniture

The background

Following a successful racing career, Owner, Joey Foster took an interest in the family-run furniture business. He noticed a gap in the market 6 years ago and decided to start his own business trading online. Roseland Furniture positions itself as a high quality alternative to Ikea whilst still more affordable than other high-end brands.

“Our customers range from 20 to 70, it’s people looking for something a little more personable, and an alternative to Ikea,” says Michael, Operations Manager.

From its Headquarters in Truro in Cornwall, UK, the team at Roseland sells high quality, well-built furniture nationwide.

The challenge

When Roseland first started selling online, they traded solely on eBay, but soon after, launched their own Shopify website. They then expanded their reach further, selling on Amazon, Tesco Direct, and opening a clearance warehouse.

As the business was growing, it became more and more difficult to track orders across each of their different marketplace channels. “It became quickly apparent we needed a system that could put all of our order and inventory management in one place,” Michael explains.

Key Challenges:

  • Managing inventory and orders across multiple channels
  • Viewing and tracking inventory across different warehouse locations
  • Complete transparency for the wider team and the ability to connect all the dots

Michael adds: “Before we brought in Brightpearl, we were doing everything manually, having to input every order from every different sales channel, one by one. It became very clear very quickly this wasn’t an efficient use of the business’ time. We needed something that would keep all this information in one place.”

The solution

When looking for a solution, Michael says: “It was a question of employing more staff or putting a system in place that could manage a bulk of the workload for us.”

In the end, Roseland decided to implement software as it would be a better investment for the growing online business. After researching a selection of other retail management systems, Roseland chose Brightpearl as it was the only system to give them a holistic view of all their data.

Key Strengths:

  • Easy integration with Shopify
  • Ability to track inventory and orders from multiple sales channels
  • Easy to train people on
  • Great support team

“One of the best things about Brightpearl is that it’s completely browser-based. We import 90% of our products from warehouses overseas, so it’s a huge help that employees can access our data from anywhere,” Michael explains.

As the business has grown with Brightpearl, so has the team. Roseland now have eight people working on Brightpearl. “As we’ve grown, we’ve recruited more people and it’s been really easy to get new starters up and running on Brightpearl. It’s simple to use and pretty self explanatory – it requires very little training. Most of our staff have just been able to feel their way around very quickly.”

Michael continues: “On the very rare occasions that we run into any issues or need a little help, the Brightpearl support team have been really helpful and great to work with – quick to respond and very friendly.”

The future

With continued year-on-year growth since the online business first launched, the future is set to be an exciting one for Roseland Furniture. Michael explains: “Our goals are big, it’s an exciting time for us. We want to be the biggest mid-market furniture retailer in the UK.”

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