Service Level Availability (SLA)

Outstanding Availability

Our goal is to provide 24×7 availability of the Services, and we offer subscription credits for availability below 99.8%. You can receive a credit of 10% of your subscription fees for the month in which the outage event(s) occurred for every percentage point that Service Availability1 falls below 99.8%, up to a maximum of 50% of the applicable subscription fees for that month. To receive a credit, you must submit a request to us within 15 days after the month in which the Service Availability1 outage event(s) occurred. Any credit will be applied against subsequent monthly subscription fees due to us or, at our option, refunded to you.

Status Information

You can view current status information and subscribe for status updates at the page for the applicable Service:

Communication Excellence

New features: Brightpearl releases new capabilities multiple times a year.  With each release, Brightpearl will announce the availability of new features within the product or via other means.  The announcement will contain a variety of information sources to help with learning about the value and how to use the new features and product improvements.

Scheduled Maintenance

Generally, Brightpearl will schedule non-emergency maintenance during the Maintenance Windows and with advance notice as set forth below:

Maintenance Duration Advance Notification Maintenance Window
<1 hour 3 days Anytime
1-3 hours 7 days Anytime
>3 hours 7 days 12 am – 6 am US Central Time

Emergency Maintenance

If Brightpearl reasonably believes that an emergency necessitates immediate attention, then Brightpearl may perform emergency maintenance with less notice than specified above.  Should emergency maintenance be required, Brightpearl will provide notice as soon as practicable.

1Service Availability is computed as follows:

System: the Brightpearl application service, accessible over the network via web protocols, up to and including Brightpearl’s internet connection. Problems outside Brightpearl’s infrastructure, such as those of ISPs, third-party infrastructure providers, Internet backbone or customer’s network, are excluded. Non-production sites or tenants such as, for example, development, implementation, preview and training sites, sandboxes, trials, and beta services are excluded. Problems caused by software running on customers’ computers are also excluded.

System Outage Hours: Total time during a given month in which the System is unavailable, excluding scheduled maintenance time.

Total Hours: Number of hours contained in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance time.

Service Availability: The percentage of Total Hours during a given month in which the System was available, computed as follows:

100 *

Total Hours – System Outage Hours

Total Hours

Calculation of Service Availability excludes system outages caused by force majeure, i.e., acts of God, war, civil unrest, acts of government, third-party providers of data, third-party websites or services, etc., or by any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

In this document, “we,” “us” and “our” refers to the company with which you have contracted for subscription to the Services. “Brightpearl” refers to Brightpearl, Inc.

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