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Coming in Hot: E-Commerce Marketing & Investment Trends for 2023

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New report! Here’s where e-commerce retailers should invest their marketing budget in 2023…

Here are some hard truths about e-commerce marketing:

💥   Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are an eye-watering 222% more expensive than in 2013

💥   Marketing costs in general have gone up – 41% for US and 24% for UK businesses in the last year

💥   Over 8 in 10 retailers say they don’t have enough cash to hit their CAC or revenue goals in 2023.

One thing’s for sure – it’s time to get smarter with marketing spend, and we’ve got you. Get ahead of the game with our brand new FREE report: ‘Coming in Hot – E-Commerce Marketing & Investment Trends for 2023.’

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📊 Revealing stats from a survey of 500 businesses on their marketing investment insights for the year ahead

📜 Incoming rule changes, new technology and marketing trends you need to know about 

🔎 Exactly which new apps and channels you should invest in this year – and which you should stay away from

✅  How to use technology to make your marketing model more cash-efficient – and more impactful 

💬 Expert commentary and predictions from brilliant brands, retail and marketing experts on the trends and opportunities to watch out for this year

📅 How to get ahead of the curve to build a slick, targeted marketing strategy that makes the most of your investment 
And lots more…

Our new FREE report will arm you with the tools, knowledge and insight to make more cash-smart moves that make your marketing dollar go much further. 

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