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Fast & Frictionless report


As major brands like Nike and L’Oreal shift significantly towards a direct-to-consumer model and disruptors like Dollar Shave Club, Under Armour, and Warby Parker explode into the market, they pose a dangerous new threat to retailers and established brands who are failing to grasp the need to be ‘fast & frictionless’.

Brands must now act fast to embrace the DTC opportunity and meet new shopper expectations, or risk being eaten for breakfast by brands who are already owning the entire customer journey. This is the new reality for DTC brands.

This report will help you to

  • Learn why so many brands who sell directly to consumers are failing to offer the fast and frictionless end-to-end buying experiences their customers demand.
  • Gain insight into the pain points that must be addressed for brands to align with new expectations for seamless shopping that are being set by their counterparts.
  • Better understand retail and consumer attitudes towards DTC brands and how these will influence future shopping habits
  • Gain insight into what consumers want from a frictionless shopping experience, as well as the major hurdles brands are experiencing aligning delivery with expectations
  • Obtain real-world insight into how some DTC brands are winning due to their excellence and ownership of the end-to-end buying journey
  • Explore the emotional and psychological experiences consumers have when purchasing from brands – and what makes for a great shopping interaction
  • Understand how technology systems can remove friction areas, empowering brands to implement a frictionless shopping game plan and compete with DTC native brands