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Now Tech: Digital Operations Platforms, Q1 2020

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Forrester Overview of 21 Digital operations platforms

Brightpearl is the only retail focused Digital Operations Platform selected by Forrester

The adaptive enterprise requires a flexible, modern core that enables fast changes and closed-loop feedback throughout the business to power better customer and employee experiences. While ERP systems of the past have been largely inflexible, expensive to upgrade, and poorly suited to modern digital businesses, we now see the beginning of a new era of operations technology, which Forrester defines as the digital operations platform:

The core enterprise applications that are necessary for digital business are the foundation for business operations and customer experiences — although often behind the scenes. Example categories in the DOP are operations, finance, product configuration, supply chain, product engineering, logistics, and billing. The DOP can comprise individual solutions but is often based on a suite of solutions built to work together.

In this newly released Forrester report, you’ll learn:

What a DOP is
The main benefits of a DOP
How to select vendors based on size and functionality
How to align individual vendor solutions to your organization’s needs
How to evaluate vendors by solution characteristics and business results