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Loyal Not Loyal

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Loyal not loyal guide


If younger shoppers are important to your business then you can no longer afford to alienate them with experiences that fail to meet their expectations; this is becoming even more crucial as millennial buying power increases year-on-year. Leaving gaps in the buying journey will be punished by younger shoppers who lack loyalty and are happy to abandon a brand forever – but usually not before leaving a damning review.

This latest special report from Brightpearl deep dives into the subject of millennial brand loyalty in a digital age. It reveals the secrets to attracting millennials to your brand and keeping them around for the long haul.

This report will help you to

  • Better understand the attitudes, behaviors and needs of younger shoppers – including what characteristics make them the ‘disloyal’ generation
  • Gain insight into what millennials hate most about e-commerce shopping; what will alienate or cause younger shoppers to leave negative feedback, resulting in lost sales and market share
  • Learn why seamless experiences are vital to getting millennials on board with your brand and what technologies can help to capture brand loyalty
  • Understand why providing experiences in line with millennial expectations could result in huge opportunities for increased wallet capture