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Rise of the Review Culture
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Rise of Review culture report


How important are online ratings and reviews to you? The Rise of the Review Culture, a new study by Brightpearl and Trustpilot, explores why the burgeoning review culture is having a growing financial and reputational impact on retailers and brands as today’s online consumer becomes more vocal and unforgiving – but also much more reliant on ratings and reviews, to support their decision making.

Our study provides vital insight into the steps businesses must take to get a grip on their online reputation and succeed in the growing review economy. If online reviews and ratings are a factor for your business, then download the report now.

This report will help you to:

  • Better understand the behaviors and characteristics prevalent in the online review culture

  • Gain insight into the wide-ranging impact of online reviews and ratings on retail businesses, particularly with regards to conversion, retention and spend

  • Develop knowledge of the factors in the buying journey that most commonly drive consumers to leave 1-star and 5-star feedback

  • Understand how technology provides the foundation for 5-star review strategies – and drives opportunities for increased business and wallet capture

  • Gain real-world advice from retail brands that are using technology to level-up CX and turn 1-star ratings into ringing 5-star endorsements for competitive advantage

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