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The Retail Expectation Gap Report

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The world of e-commerce has undergone a lot of changes and new hurdles in the last year. And due to this rush to online selling, consumer demographics and shopping habits have shifted, and retailers have been scrambling to keep up, especially when it comes to delivery, fulfilment and returns. Do what consumers expect and what retailers have to offer match up? We surveyed 1000 consumers and 100 retail decision makers in organisations across the UK to find out.

This report reveals:

  1. Consumers’ preferences when it comes to post purchase communication, delivery options, and returns
  2. The discrepancies between what consumers expect vs what retailers are offering when it comes to delivery, fulfillment, and returns
  3. Technology that is critical for merchants to be able to offer the experience customers are looking for
  4. The importance of a seamless returns process as e-commerce continues to boom