Your orders and inventory are connected to all your sales channels in a single system. When orders are

downloaded, your inventory, accounting and contacts and other sales channels are updated. Meaning inventory

levels are always accurate and the problem of double selling is eliminated.


Multichannel order management

When orders are placed on ekmPowershop, we bring them into Brightpearl for you to process. This means that there’s no delay in getting them into your fulfilment engine, and as you ship orders, we’ll automate the task of updating ekmPowershop for you, saving you on administration, and even the need to log into multiple systems.


Real-time global inventory management

The second a stock level changes, Brightpearl sends out updates to everywhere that’s selling it, making sure that you’re maximising your selling potential through accurate and consistent inventory availability, but also defending you against overselling and stock-outs.


Maximize your selling potential

With a single Brightpearl account you can connect to as many ekmPowershop stores as you aspire to run, with different configuration and branding for each to continue their browsing experience. If you’ve potential to target new territories, or launch new brands, do it with Brightpearl.


Brightpearl is the only sensible choice for independent, multichannel retailers wanting to grow their business and compete with larger retail brands.

Jonathan Partridge, David Shuttle


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