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10ofThose.com sells handpicked resources for Christian groups

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The key feature we were looking for with a new system was remote access. Brightpearl is perfect for us in this respect. Having complete visibility of our stock is extremely useful. It is so great that I can be sat at home and still know precisely what we have in our warehouse.
— Jonathan Carswell, Founder

The background

10ofThose.com sells handpicked resources for Christian groups. Started as a hobby by Jonathan Carswell in his bedroom the company has gone from strength to strength now selling online, via church accounts, and at events ranging from 50 people to 15,000 people in attendance. They were using Sage but it didn’t meet their requirements and became something that was holding back the company's growth and development. They were looking for a remote access system that was easy to use and affordable, while being robust enough to handle their complex business work. Brightpearl offered both things.

10ofThose.com are not a charity, and do not look for donations to subsidise their work. However, none of the Directors take dividends from the profits made at 10ofThose.com. Instead, these are put to use in distributing more resources across the world, either through 10ofThose or other organisations that seek to distribute resources that hold to their basis of Faith. They are also able to sell resources cheaply compared to other outlets as they buy stock in bulk to get better prices and in turn pass these savings onto their customers. It is their passion to get more resources out there in the World, and as they aren't profit focused they can discount the resources as much as possible. Jonathan Carswell from 10ofThose explains why he chose Brightpearl.

The inventory management challenge

"We moved away from Sage as it didn’t meet our requirements. It became something that was holding back our company growth and development. Whilst the accounts element of Sage was OK the rest of the system just wasn’t practical for an entrepreneurial business - its far too rigid.

"We were looking for a remote access system that was easy to use and affordable – while being robust enough to handle our complex business work. Brightpearl offered both things. Brightpearl has the flexibility for a growing business whose ideas are changing all the time. There are always challenges with any new system install but we learned a lot. I have to say that if we knew what we know now, before switching, we’d definitely choose Brightpearl every time."

The online solution

"Using Brightpearl POS has also meant we can go to more events as we can now manage our transactions on site rather than needing to do everything by hand. These events are the cornerstone of our business; online is of course important but is really just the bread and butter. Events give us a chance to interact with our customers face-to-face. It is these interactions that help us to understand our customers, their needs and also gives us a chance to introduce them to similar or new products they might be interested in. It is face-to-face exchanges that ultimately help us grow our business in the long term. Brightpearl is the only system we’ve found that is robust enough to cope with the fluid and unpredictable nature of these events."

The future

"Our company is now so much more efficient. Brightpearl has dramatically reduced our paperwork, improved in house communications, there is a good audit trail, and we can remotely monitor staff work in detail…ah it’s just great!"