Brightpearl and Shopify: what Esquires needed
to achieve their goals

Esquires are the sole stockists of many top brands, located on the
Isle of Man, they offer both classic and casual style menswear.

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Key facts




Rebranded by Tom & Rob


saved per year

20 hours

saved per month

We have found the integration between Shopify and Brightpearl easy to implement and a powerful tool for managing both sales avenues in unison.
— Tom Williams, Director

The background

Esquires is a menswear retailer located on the Isle of Man’s main high street. Established in 1947, Tom Williams and Rob Green re-branded and relocated ‘Esquires’ in 2009. Today, Esquires stocks a mixture of heritage brands from Britain and overseas, these suit their values as well as the changing demands of their customers. They have recently launched their new website using the Shopify ecommerce platform. Their webstore is called ‘new-entry’ and it mirrors the ethos of their shop floor. Tom tells us a bit more about their story and how Brightpearl has helped them to achieve multichannel success.

The challenge

“The biggest challenge for us was having to manually input inventory and sales data multiple times on a daily basis. Not to mention importing and exporting data all the time which was really inefficient and tiresome, it made managing the business a chore. The POS system we were using was really slow, bulky and inaccurate. When it came to the end of the year doing a stocktake could take up to 3 or 4 days. Our inventory was a mess!

“The next challenge for us was having a website as well as our high street store and how the inventory for those two tied up. Unfortunately, we’d had to suspend our website as it became impossible to manage. If we sold 100 items in the shop we would then have to go and update the website manually and take those 100 items off, individually! We simply could not manage e-commerce on top of all the manual processes we were facing in the shop.”

Key Challenges:

  • Inaccurate inventory levels
  • Time consuming manual administration
  • No customer data
  • Slow and inaccurate POS system

The solution

“Brightpearl makes our business miles more efficient. We no longer have to input data on a daily basis and our inventory is always accurate. Being able to connect Brightpearl with Shopify is huge for us, its means we can sell online again, and it’s much easier. Using Brightpearl’s POS we can connect our store with our website. We only need to enter inventory in Brightpearl once and it is always up-to-date. It’s great.

“When a customer comes into the store we can tell them if we have something in stock straightaway or when we’ll next have it in stock just by looking at our Brightpearl account. There’s no waiting around. We can keep track of our customers details so we can re-market to them from within Brightpearl too. Then we can see the impact on our sales in our profit and loss statement, all in real time! We can manage the whole buying cycle from one place. Which allows us to be more customer focused, which means we’re selling more.

“We manage our suppliers and stock from within Brightpearl so we know exactly what we’re bringing into the business. It keeps track of customers and the sales too. All of which are recorded in Brightpearl’s accounting system which is kept up-to-date in real time. From beginning to middle to end we can see all this information within Brightpearl. It makes our business manageable and seamless."

The future

“We strongly feel that our customers look towards independent retailers like Esquires for inspiration and something new so we try to make our customers feel welcome in our store by creating a personal shopping experience. It is by concentrating on this attention to detail which satisfies customer expectations and develops better relationships. Brightpearl works for us because it’s a multifaceted platform, it enables us to better understand and relate to our customers and their changing needs. We’re a more efficient business now with more time to concentrate on the bigger picture and we’re equipped with the necessary tools we need to achieve our goals.”