F&V USA gains the multichannel control they need to grow with Brightpearl

Founded in 2011, F&V offers professional LED lights, as well as a full line of rigs, LCD monitors and accessories.

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Key facts


Founded by Connor Hartnett

30 hours

Shipsaved per month





Brightpearl allows me to easily check in from anywhere at anytime and get a true look at how my business is doing.
— Connor Hartnett, Founding Manager

The background

F&V Global designs and manufactures LED lights and camera accessories for film and video production. F&V USA handles the marketing and sales for the North and South American film market where they sell both B2C and B2B. The B2C sales are done solely through their online shopping cart, Magento.

The challenge

“We are a small team that covers the largest film market in the world. Any and all things we can automate must be done to improve our efficiency and to allow for growth. We were initially using computer-installed software for invoice/inventory management. It was outdated, easily fell out of sync with our online shop, and could only be accessed from the computer it was installed in. We wanted a solution that kept all our channels in sync and one that we could access from the office, home, or on the road.”

Key Challenges:

  • Multichannel inventory synchronization
  • One-click business reports for B2C and B2B needed
  • Accessibility was key; needed the ability to access from anywhere

The solution

“Our initial attraction towards Brightpearl was its ability to easily integrate with popular shopping carts, this is usually the complicated nitty-gritty where other solutions on the market fall short. Our B2C site runs off of Magento, and this was the first test Brightpearl had to pass. We tested a handful of other accounting/inventory management systems that integrated with Magento, and hands down, as a turn-key solution, Brightpearl had the most in depth and refined integration.

“What made Brightpearl's integration with Magento so powerful was proven with a couple things:

  • The ability to push inventory levels to our shopping cart as product stock updated across multiple channels. This keeps online shoppers informed about product availability - and an informed customer is a happy customer.
  • It's ability to ingest the multiple product types of Magento: simple, configurable, and bundle. Other platforms would have difficulty downloading orders that contained customizable product types - such as configurable and bundle products. Without going into too much detail, Brightpearl is really smart in the way it handles these products within orders.
  • The ability to handle tax settings passed down from Magento. Sounds simple enough, but other systems we looked at did not handle it in a common sense manner.

“The icing on the cake is that Brightpearl handles our manual, B2B orders fluidly as well. Creating manual orders is a breeze and because Brightpearl talks with our B2C store, we can see on the fly how many products are available to ship. It’s this multi-channel integration that puts us in precise control.

“Lastly, Brightpearl gives us rich reports. Here are 5 important tasks that used to eat up my time, but now I can do them with a click of a button: product sales analysis, profit-loss, sales tax report, stock on hand, and accounts receivable. Not to mention, before I had to manually maintain all this information in order to gather reports - that is a lot of effort. Now it’s maintained for me automatically.”

The future 

“We are in the process of moving into a new space that is nearly 3 times the size of our current location. We're confident that we’ll continue to grow with Brightpearl and that Brightpearl will continue to grow with us as they develop new integrations for the always changing e-commerce marketplace.”