Omnichannel Control

When selling on multiple channels, you need to establish set processes and workflows to maintain control and provide a consistent customer experience. Using Brightpearl for order processing and inventory management you can bring your Amazon orders into line, providing a single system to process all transactions.

Improve your seller rating

When using Brightpearl's Amazon software to process and manage orders behind the scenes, you stay in control and keep your customers up-to-date without any of the admin. Our Amazon sellers experience shipping updates and reduced overselling that’s 20x better than the seller target of 2.5%.

brightpearl's amazon inventory management software helps you improve your amazon seller rating

with brightpearl's amazon inventory management software you can trade across multiple geographies with amazon and other sales channels

Expand through cross border trade

Through Brightpearl’s Amazon integration, you can sell through multiple Amazon territories and accounts with confidence. All individual stores can be treated uniquely, meaning that you can prioritize orders, offer different stock pools, or even price stock uniquely.  


Eliminate Mistakes with SKU matching

Brightpearl reconciles the products in your inventory with those on your Amazon marketplace listings by matching their SKUs. This lowers the likelihood of human error and saves you admin time.

screenshot of brightpearl indexing products by amazon SKU