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A Flexible System for the Hyper-Scalable Era

Curate a personalized ecosystem of apps to future-proof your busines

Flexible system in hyper scalable era
" Just like us, Brightpearl is always looking to the future. Its open API allows us to quickly and easily add new features and functionality. It means we can evolve and adapt to stay ahead of the game, just as Brightpearl evolves and adapts its features to support retail brands. "

Alvaro Gomis, Jimmy Lion

Flex appeal

Consumers are craving tailored shopping experiences. They want to decide where, when and how they get their orders. It's their fast-evolving expectations that define the era of hyper-scalable commerce we're now in.

In this hyper-scalable era, you must be able to quickly connect to new sales channels and curate a changing roster of the latest industry-disrupting tools in order to thrive.

Brightpearl offers you this hyper scalability.

With a huge library of Plug & Play integrations and a trusted partner network plus deep and open API access, Brightpearl sits at the heart of your tech stack, giving you the freedom and flexibility to embrace hyper-scalable commerce – and grow fearlessly.

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Brightpearl is our name

…giving you the freedom to grow fearlessly is our game

Plug & Play

Brightpearl comes with instant access to a huge library of Plug & Play integrations – including all the top e-commerce platforms (including Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and Magento), all the major marketplaces (including Amazon and eBay) and tons of 3PL, shipping and accounting options. Plug them in and be up and running in minutes.

Sky's the limit

With five billion dollars of trade going through our system, we power some of the biggest brands in the world. Our trusted connections can handle huge volumes without so much as breaking a sweat. Want proof? Our Automation Engine processed 250,000 orders last Cyber Monday alone - with zero issues or glitches. Not bad, huh?

Purpose-built for retail

When you add cutting-edge tools to your tech stack, you want them to slot seamlessly into your current set-up without clunky workarounds slowing you down. Because Brightpearl is built for retail and wholesale, there's no unnecessary configuration necessary - making it easy for you to quickly add the best tools for your needs.

Trusted partner ecosystem

No one vendor can provide all the best functionality, so Brightpearl partners with a growing list of leading tech partners to build high-performance, reliable integrations in just a few short weeks (which usually takes ERPs months or even years to achieve).

Endless innovation

In addition to our Plug & Play integrations and our thriving partner network, our ultra-fast open API gives you extra flexibility to seamlessly sync endless apps and create unique functionality to fit your needs - today and as your business grows.

Expertise and proven results

We've designed and developed a wide range of high-performance integrations that have been tried and tested by some of the world’s biggest brands, so we'll quickly connect you to the tools you need. Plus, as part of our implementation process, our in-house experts will make sure all your integrations are optimized.

Our customers

See what our customers say

Our awesome customers have used Brightpearl to connect to some game-changing tools. Check out some examples below – and get inspired about what you could achieve.

Strength Shop Europe

" The platform's single source of truth and its 'Plug & Play' approach has empowered our decision making and ability to expand into new areas and markets. We have the freedom to grow in our business in whichever direction we choose, while simultaneously enriching the customer experience. "

Ricky Shah, Strength Shop Europe


" The level of integration and extensibility we have with Brightpearl would not have been possible with our previous provider. Being able to easily bolt on services has given us a competitive advantage and enabled us to offer extra value to our customers, especially in such a difficult time. "

Dan Nephew, Lovepop


" The Plug 'n Play element means setting up a new integration is easy – there are no headaches at all. Brightpearl's open API is brilliant, and means we are able to go to market much faster. "

Mark Tweed, Cyberjammies

Snap Supply

" One of the things that really pushed me to go with Brightpearl was connectivity. There is a ton of software out there that connects to different channels, but you need to make sure that there is no third party that stands between that connection in your system. Making sure that it's a native connection and not a third party connection is critical. "

Nick Ernst, Snap Supply

Atlantic Cigar Company

" It was essential that the operations platform we chose could integrate quickly and easily with BigCommerce. Brightpearl came highly recommended for being able to provide a 'plug and play' integration with BigCommerce, so we were eager to sign up. It’s not just BigCommerce that Brightpearl seamlessly syncs with. It integrates well with lots of other apps we use to run our business, such as ShipStation and NoFraud, which we use to ensure our customers are over the legal age for buying cigars. "

Paul Scipioni, Atlantic Cigar Company

The Flex Company

" Brightpearl's ability to integrate with our existing tech stack – including Shopify Plus, Klaviyo and QuickBooks – and to stitch together the different elements of our business has been central to this journey. "

Aaron Alpeter, The Flex Company

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