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Managing inventory across multiple channels is no longer an issue. We’re confident that our inventory is always accurate because of Brightpearl. Our Office Manager used to have to double as the Inventory Manager too but can now leave the heavy lifting to Brightpearl.

Peter Keller, Founder - FringeSport



Increase in gross margin


orders shipped
in 2017


average revenue growth


average order growth
* Merchant analysis from Brightpearl data 2017-2018

Free yourself from back office management to focus on your sport-loving customers

Brightpearl’s award winning back office software helps you to provide world-class customer service and win gold medals from your customers.

Become-the-go-to-sports-retailer-of-choice Keep up with the changing seasons Scale-up-your-inventory-and-product-lines Speed-up-your-operations
    Become the ‘go-to’ sports retailer of choice

    Strengthen customer loyalty by powering up your customer service

    Customer loyalty is a crucial factor for sporting goods businesses and your success within the industry. To achieve it, your expertise must be at the heart of your customer service. An intelligent back office solution enables you to spend more time on your customer experience, ultimately positioning you as the ‘go-to’ sports retailer of choice.

    With Brightpearl’s integrated customer management system, you can:

    • Gain access to full customer audit trails via contact timelines
    • Learn which customers are your most or least profitable
    • Fully integrate your back office, enabling more time to be spent on your front-of-house
    • Automatically segment customers based on their purchase history with world-class marketing integrations
    Keep up with the booming trend of direct-to-consumer

    Quickly adapt to D2C with a suitable technology stack

    More and more sporting goods brands have adopted a D2C channel to boost their sales. Like Nike, which has grown their D2C from $6.6bn in 2015 to a predicted $16bn in 2020. If you’re planning to take on D2C, you’ll need a suitable back office system to smoothly transform your wholesale business into a retail or hybrid one.

    With Brightpearl’s flexible back office solution, you can:

    • Easily open up new sales channels such as D2C as Brightpearl is designed for both retail and wholesale
    • Unlock the power of ecommerce by connecting to the world’s leading ecommerce platforms in minutes
    • Store your wholesale and retail business data in one place
    • Integrate with your suppliers’ back office systems via EDI
    Scale up your inventory and product lines

    Track a large inventory depository, no matter how many brands you stock

    Whether you’re selling your own range of products or mainstream branded merchandise and sports equipment, you’re likely already holding large amounts of inventory. Robust inventory management software means you can efficiently track all your inventory from purchase to warehouse to sale.

    With Brightpearl’s reliable inventory management, you can:

    • Automatically update inventory across all your channels, be it online, in-store or on the road
    • Gain advanced inventory control over your bundles, kits, assemblies and product variants
    • Instantly sync inventory movement with our integrated accounting for a real-time balance sheet
    • Know the true costs of your inventory with built-in landed-cost functionality
    Speed up your operations

    Tackle the ‘want now’ speed of sports retail

    You’re competing with the likes of Sports Direct, Big 5 and Amazon, who have reacted quickly to the new ‘want now’ era of retail. This means your customers now expect same and next day delivery options, click & collect and world-class customer service.

    With Brightpearl’s workflow automation, you can:

    • Speed up your time to ship with automation and powerful shipping integrations
    • Update inventory levels across all your channels in real-time
    • Instantly create drop-ship purchase orders
    • Power up your order fulfillment with rules-based workflow automation

    Casey’s Distributing sells sports memorabilia to over 2000 retailers with Brightpearl

    “Brightpearl has definitely saved us time, we need less staff to do the same jobs as before. It also clarifies what we should purchase by giving us better visibility on the products that are selling and those that are not. We’ve definitely made our money back on the investment in Brightpearl.”

    Ben Johnson, Vice President of Operations - Casey’s Distributing

    “I’d have to describe Brightpearl as a ‘Game Changer’. It is going to increase your efficiency by 200% easily, and ultimately allow you to scale your business to the level your company should be at.”

    Chris Gathright, Director - Sportique

    What sporting goods businesses like about Brightpearl

    Brightpearl manages the back office so you can power up your customer service.

    Integrated CRM

    For centralized customer data

    Integrated accounting

    For real-time business insight

    Automatic order fulfillment

    To reduce your time to ship

    Large product lines supported

    Via reliable inventory management software

    Barcode scanning

    For efficient warehouse inventory management

    Integrated POS

    With offline mode capability

    B2B and B2C capabilities

    To support your hybrid business

    Powerful inventory planning

    Via Inventory Planner and Lokad

    Effective warehouse management

    Tracks inventory across multiple locations

    Multichannel order management

    Performs real-time updates across channels

    World-class business integrations

    We integrate with the leading sales channels, marketplaces and services so you won’t need to compromise on your technology stack.

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    “That’s the beauty of Brightpearl, it allows us to be super efficient. Without Brightpearl we’d need 3-5 people to do what one person can do.”

    Scott Palmer, Chief Operating Officer - Spikeball

    Streamline your sporting goods business

    Find out how Brightpearl can fully streamline your sporting goods business with a personalized, no-obligation demo from our retail and wholesale experts.