Inventory Management Software for Multichannel Retailers

Brightpearl puts your multichannel inventory in one place and improves your retail efficiency. 


Take Control of Your Inventory

For retailers, inventory is one of the most important aspects of business. But also one of the most difficult things to track. Every day - sales, returns, new receipts and breakages affect your stock levels.

With Brightpearl's inventory management software, you can truly take control of your inventory.

Miss fewer sales

Invest in products that sell

Reduce warehouse costs

Make more time for your customers



All Your Channels In One Place

Brightpearl's cloud based platform lets you put all of your retail channels in one place.  With Apps and API compatibility for a wide range of retail channels, you manage your entire inventory in Brightpearl and all of your stores get updated automatically. 

With Brightpearl's Inventory management integrations, you can eliminate double selling, reduce management time and improve your customer experience.

Brightpearl also integrates with popular marketing and shipping platforms, meaning you can manage much more of your business in one place.  



Reorder more efficiently 

Maximize your sales orders, avoid costly stockouts, and ensure your shelves aren't overstocked by having the optimal amount of inventory on hand across your retail and wholesale channels.

With Brightpearl, you optimize your inventory so that your best selling products are always in stock wherever and whenever you need.

You can also reduce the amount of cash tied up in products that don't sell, so you can be sure that your business is operating in the most profitable way. 

Flexible Inventory Management

Every business is different, with its own unique product set. Brightpearl’s flexible online inventory management software allows you to manage inventory levels behind bundles, kits and assemblies, as well as manage multiple product sizes, color and other variants.

Whether your fulfillment is from a single retail store,  multiple warehouses, outsourced or drop-shipped, you can manage all of your inventory within Brightpearl.


Automate your workflows

Brightpearl’s inventory management software integrates seamlessly with our retail automation suite, allowing you to easily automate your daily inventory workflows.  With Brightpearl's easy to use interface, you get full control of every detail of your your workflows without having to get technical.

Spend less time manually entering and removing stock from your systems and spend more time making your customers happy.

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Brightpearl's inventory management software boasts a wide range of features to help you take control of your stock.
  • Allocate inventory to stock orders
  • Real time synchromization across multiple sales channels
  • Bulk allocation & unallocation of orders
  • Manage inventory in bundles and kits
  • Search and allocate inventory from multiple warehouses
  • Inventory adjustments & manual stock take
  • Low inventory reporting
  • Automated inventory ordering


Brightpearl’s inventory management software makes inventory easier to locate. Select products with greater accuracy, get them out the door faster and keep your customers coming back. With Brightpearl, you can look forward to the following benefits:
  • Enhanced warehouse organization
  • Faster shipping
  • A lower number of returns
  • Allocation of reserved items to prevent double selling
  • SKU information to improve picking, packing and shipping
  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Professional, branded documentation


Whether you're migrating from an existing ERP system or setting up a brand new one, our Professional Services team help you through every step of the way. From helping you design the perfect setup to migrating your data and training your staff, we help you get the most of Brightpearl right from the start. Our process is as follows:

  1. Technical scoping and solution design
  2. Kick off and project planning
  3. Account configuration and data migration
  4. Team training and education
  5. Team testing support
  6. Go Live support
  7. Post Live support
  8. Project close and wider team introductions


Can Brightpearl ensure inventory is correct in real time?
Brightpearl provides real time inventory management on each of our integrated sales channels. Our inventory management is fully integrated meaning that updates are made when sales are processed, purchase orders are received and even when stock corrections are made and returns are logged.
Is it easy to import and export data from Brightpearl?
We understand that data is king, especially for buyers and merchandisers. Most screens within the app allow you to easily export key data and reports into csv or xls. If you would prefer your spreadsheets to be updated daily directly from your Brightpearl database, Brightpearl Insights has the answer.
Can Brightpearl provide metrics to monitor my product performance?
Brightpearl Insights can provide margin reporting, sell through rates and inventory cover updated daily and delivered to your inbox. In addition to our out-of-the-box reports, you can work with our retail reporting consultants to build the best reports to run your business.
Can Brightpearl help me reorder more effectively?
Effective merchandising and reordering is at the heart of a successful retail or wholesale business. Brightpearl’s in-depth reports will allow you to review range performance and intake to optimize sales, improve cashflow and reduce markdowns.