Even the best solutions can hold a business back if they are not properly integrated. Legacy on-premise systems require updates, server management, and are difficult to integrate. Disconnected systems lead to spreadsheets, manual data entry, and mistakes.

Design Brightpearl to your unique business needs

Out of the box, Brightpearl comes equipped with all the features and functionality that allows you to stabilize and take your business to the next level. Our platform supports thousands of merchants, crossing hundreds of business models and verticals, and each business has it’s unique requirements or ways of doing things. Brightpearl allows you to be flexible within workflows, and only automate activity you trust being automated.

With the help of Brightpearl we’ve grown over 34%, and now that we’re operationally stable our focus is to grow the business even further.
— Justin Essler, IT Manager, Giantnerd

Extend and customize

Alongside our ever growing list of integrations, our API is a core feature of the Brightpearl solution. Not only does this open doors for you to experiment with technologies that we’re yet to integrate with, but it’s also the same API that we use and build upon internally. This means that as we embellish it for our platform, your apps and integrations benefit too.


A full service with nothing to install

Brightpearl is a full cloud platform that utilizes Amazon’s innovative technologies to ensure enterprise service, at a fraction of the cost. We’re built and experienced with scaling to retail peaks, with an uptime of 99.9% (way above the industry standard), so we’re there when you need us.

Configurable and effective user management

Brightpearl is an easy to learn, permission-based platform. This means that you can quickly create and manage your teams profiles and set granular permissions on their level of system use, and then they can pick up the system at speed through our libraries of support materials and training services. Our expert support team are available 24-7 to help with anything you need.

Brightpearl was the only system that was robust enough to be able to meet all of our requirements.
— Scott Palmer, Chief Operating Officer, Spikeball