Bundles (BigCommerce)

BigCommerce does not support bundles or kits, but you could choose to create a simple product which contains multiple items together. This is still classed as a single product with a single price in BigCommerce, but the name and description includes multiple items. The availability displayed on the product is for the items when purchased together and not individually. It is not possible to sell the items individually, unless separate and unrelated products are created; these will have their own price and availability.

In this example, both bike lights can be purchased for £19.99.

These types of “bundled” products will download as a single item into Brightpearl that can either be connected to a Brightpearl product (which describes multiple items) or it can be connect to a Brightpearl bundle.

A Brightpearl bundle is created by grouping the individual products. This allows each individual product to have its own record, price, name and inventory level, but to be sold as part of a pack, or kit which has a single price. This way you can manage the inventory for the individual items from within Brightpearl.

Using bundles with BigCommerce

Product management

Brightpearl bundles need to be created and managed within Brightpearl, and cannot be created by the product download from BigCommerce.

Inventory management

A Brightpearl bundle currently doesn’t have its own inventory level (only the individual items) so the availability cannot be synchronized with BigCommerce. The availability will need to be managed within your BigCommerce account. Since a bundle in Brightpearl has no inventory level changes it will not override the quantity in BigCommerce.

Order download

Where a listing is connect to a Brightpearl bundle, all the items within the bundle are added to the sales order, but the inventory is not allocated. It is important that you allocate your inventory as soon as possible in order to update your sales channels where the items are listed individually.


Brightpearl will ensure that the order on BigCommerce is marked as fully shipped as soon as the order in Brightpearl is marked as "shipped in full".

Note that tracking references are uploaded at the product level so will not be sent to BigCommerce for bundles since a bundle line is non-stock tracked and is not itself marked as shipped.