Bundles (eBay)


eBayConnect a Brightpearl bundle to a single eBay listing. eBay orders cannot be partially shipped.

A bundle is a collection of products which are sold together for a single price. Each individual product is purchased (and perhaps sold) separately and have their own product record, cost price and sell price. The bundle links all these items together, making them available to purchase for a single (and perhaps discounted) price.

Bundled eBay listings

There maybe times when you want to list several of your individual items within a single eBay listing, representing a bundle. In terms of eBay, this is still a single listing.

Where multiple items are contained in a single listing on eBay, you may to want to stock track the items individually within Brightpearl. The listing will be displayed in Brightpearl and can be connected to a bundled product.

eBay will allow you to list multiple items together in a single listing, sometimes called a JobLot. This is still classed as a single listing with a single price, but the name and description includes multiple items. The availability displayed on the listing is for the items when purchased together and not individually. It is not possible to sell the items individually, unless separate and unrelated listings are created; these will have their own price and availability.

These types of “bundled” listings will display as a single listing in Brightpearl and can be connected to a Brightpearl bundle.

A Brightpearl bundle is not a physical product that lives on a shelf. It represents a selection of separate products which can be purchased together for a single price. Only the individual items can be stock tracked and have a cost value. Bundles are not designed for managing bills of material, where you are using components to build a finished product.

Brightpearl bundles need to be created and managed within Brightpearl, and cannot be created from a listing.

Availability of a bundle

A bundle can have a theoretical quantity, i.e. the number of bundles that can be sold based on the availability of the items in the bundle. The availability of a bundle is therefore the quantity of the item with the least on-hand items. It is possible to synchronize this figure with eBay when a bundle is connected to a listing. Activate this settings on each eBay account atSettings > Brightpearl Apps > eBay.

Orders & inventory

Where an eBay listing is connect to a Brightpearl bundle, all the items within the bundle are added to the sales order and the available inventory allocated.

Shipping bundles

When an eBay order which contains a bundle is marked as shipped in Brightpearl it will update the order on eBay as normal.