Bundles (Shopify)

Shopify does not support bundles or kits, but it is possible that you might add a simple product which contains multiple stock items. This simple product can be connected to a Brightpearl bundle which will allow you to sell and monitor the inventory levels for each individual item that is contained within the bundle.

On your Shopify store only one product is added, but in Brightpearl, each single item has a product record and then there is an additional bundle. It is the bundle which is linked to the single product in Shopify by using the same SKU.

Using bundles with Shopify

Product management

Brightpearl bundles need to be created and managed within Brightpearl, it is not possible to import a bundle from Shopify.

Inventory management

A Brightpearl bundle has no inventory level, so the item availability will need to be manually managed from within Shopify. Or you can set your Shopify product to "Allow users to purchase this item, even if it is no longer in stock".

Order download

When an order for the item is downloaded into Brightpearl, each item within the Brightpearl bundle is added. The inventory will not be automatically allocated for a bundle. It is important that you allocate the inventory as soon as possible in order to update your sales channels where the items are listed individually.


A bundle is added to a Brightpearl order as a non-stock tracked line item, and so will never be marked as shipped - only the items within the bundle are marked as shipped. Since these items are not individually connected to Shopify it means that the shipping update is not sent. However, to ensure all these orders are updated, Brightpearl will ensure that the order on Shopify is marked as fully shipped as soon as the order in Brightpearl is marked as "shipped in full".

Note that tracking references are uploaded at the product level so will not be sent to Shopify for bundles.