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Tailor-made software for the modern apparel & fashion business


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* Merchant analysis from Brightpearl data 2017-2018

Perfect the customer experience Manage returns efficiently The power to adapt your business model Plan inventory effectively Keep up with the changing seasons Improve customer lifetime value
    Perfect the customer experience

    Keep up with the buy-now-wear-now speed of customer demand

    Larger fashion brands such as ASOS, Nordstrom, Farfetch, and Amazon, have set the tone when it comes to customer expectations. Your customers now expect same and next day delivery options, click & collect, and a consistent cross-channel experience.

    With Brightpearl’s workflow automation, you can:

    • Reduce your time to ship with powerful automated workflows and integrations to leading shipping providers
    • Update inventory levels across channels in real-time
    • Instantly create drop-ship purchase orders and forward allocate sales orders
    • Speed up order fulfillment with rules-based workflow automation
    Manage returns efficiently

    Speed up and reduce the cost
    of your returns

    Returns are inevitable within apparel and fashion businesses and become even more important with the introduction of shopping models like Try-Before-You-Buy. But consumers also expect fast returns, and in most cases, free returns. Thus, your back office systems need to be flexible and they need to be quick.

    With Brightpearl’s flexible returns management, you can:

    • Issue immediate refunds and perform fast exchanges
    • Instantly bring items back into the warehouse for resale
    • Place goods into a 'quarantine' location for review later on
    • Write inventory off completely with just a few clicks
    The power to adapt your business model

    Tailor your business to the
    needs of the market

    Whether you’re a fashion business that sells direct-to-consumer, via wholesale trade channels, or want to navigate into either of these two branches, you need systems behind you that give you the power to adapt your business model, without having to implement siloed systems.

    With Brightpearl, you can:

    • Implement an all-in-one back office solution built for both retail and wholesale
    • Avoid the siloed systems that plague so many hybrid and wholesale businesses
    • Gain real-time insight to see which markets and channels will work for you
    • Report on business changes quickly, effectively and with deep data insight
    Plan inventory effectively

    Streamline your inventory planning

    Your inventory is the foundation of your style-savvy business so it needs to be planned and managed effectively. With just a few clicks, you can easily stock your best sellers, assess your no-hopers and keep up with supply and demand.

    With Brightpearl’s apparel inventory management, you can:

    • Manage products with multiple colors, shapes, sizes and patterns with ease
    • Easily track inventory from purchase to warehouse to sale
    • Instantly access low inventory reports and historic sales reports
    • Integrate with expert tools like Inventory Planner and Lokad
    Keep up with the changing seasons

    Easily handle the peaks and troughs of your seasonal business

    Your business sees peaks, troughs and new products with each season. Where once a six-month delay between the reveal of a new season’s line and its arrival in stores made sense, you now need to better embrace the turn of each season and the opportunities they bring.

    With Brightpearl’s seasonal product reporting, you can:

    • Categorize products according to their season
    • Track year-over-year sales statistics and filter reports by season
    • Gain the data insights you need for sell-through and season-to-date sell-through reports
    • Identify slow moving or low margin products before your end of season
    Improve customer lifetime value

    Encourage customer loyalty
    for your brand

    Your customer lifetime value is an important metric as it highlights whether your customers are likely to buy more from you in future, and thus, whether they are loyal to your brand. CLV in fashion is all about your customers’ need to be recognized, understood and offered personalized product recommendations.

    With Brightpearl’s data-driven back office, you can:

    • Gain data accuracy, across channels, no matter how much
      you buy and sell
    • Empower your staff to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on data
    • Automate shipping, emails, and personalize your service through world-class integrations
    • Tap into the collective intelligence that comes from an all-in-one business management system

    What fashion businesses like about Brightpearl

    Brightpearl manages the back office so you can spend more time with your customers.

    Integrated accounting

    To gain real-time insights across the business

    Automatic order fulfillment

    To speed up shipping times

    Product variants supported

    Via reliable inventory
    management software

    Barcode scanning

    For efficient and accurate warehouse inventory management

    Integrated POS

    With offline mode capability

    Flexible returns management

    That supports refunds, exchanges and write offs

    Powerful inventory planning

    To keep up with customer demand and seasonality

    Apparel warehouse management

    Tracks inventory across
    multiple locations

    Multichannel order management

    Performs real-time updates across channels

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