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Designed for Retail and Wholesale

We're completely dedicated to retail and wholesale efficiency, ensuring you have a long-term business partnership with us, not just technology.

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With Brightpearl, you’ll have prices that are 100% transparent.

Our business consultants scope your project before contracts are signed, which means no nasty surprises, no project creep and you’ll only pay for what you really need. What’s more, we’re incentivized by our customers’ success, which means as you grow, your unit costs reduce with Brightpearl. This means that you’ll have access to a complete business management system and a partnership you can trust, without the ERP prices.

  • No dedicated system administrator required, meaning less headcount.
  • Unlimited users and sales channels are included in your Brightpearl subscription, ensuring you can focus on business growth.
  • Full advanced support as part of your standard Brightpearl subscription, including telephone support from UK or US.
  • Unlike NetSuite, we don’t aim to sell you more modules or licenses, so you only pay for what you really need.
  • Our system is designed to focus on your business efficiency, which means as you grow and process more orders and data, your unit costs will reduce.
  • All the core sales channels, including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon are built, developed and supported in-house at Brightpearl
  • You can launch as many new sales channels as you wish for no extra cost.
  • We also support third party apps that are closest to your business, ensuring you always have help if and when you need it.
  • Our thriving ecosystem of partners enables you to easily integrate to shipping carriers, 3PL systems, automated EDI solutions and more.


With Brightpearl, all ecommerce integrations are built in-house.

Unlike NetSuite, our ecommerce integrations are built, developed and supported in-house. This means you can avoid potential issues when dealing with external ones. And when you do want to connect third party apps and services, we support those that are closest to the center of your business, helping you to avoid any unnecessary complications from managing them, or seeing them slow down your implementation and time to value.

What our customers say

"I decided to move from NetSuite to Brightpearl as it was a better financial option for us, but still a really strong system to run the business from. Brightpearl is much easier to train other employees on, it’s a better price point, and unlike NetSuite, it directly integrates with Amazon."

Justin Essler, General Manager, Giantnerd

Inclusive Support

With Brightpearl, you’ll have a team behind you that focuses on retail and wholesale.

We know that having a team on-hand to support you when you need it is vital to your success and product adoption. That’s why we offer complete advanced support, including telephone support within the UK and US, as part of your standard subscription. Our support staff are completely focused on retail and wholesale, ensuring you have a team behind you that speaks your language.

  • Complete advanced support included in the standard subscription.
  • Unlike NetSuite, we provide telephone support in the UK and US for more efficient communication.
  • All support and success staff are focused solely on retail and wholesale, rather than a range of industries.
  • You’ll have your entire project scoped before the signing of any contracts, which means no nasty surprises, or project creep.
  • Experienced consultants from retail and wholesale industries ensure your requirements will be fully understood.
  • 90 days on average for a full implementation, integrations included.


With Brightpearl, you’ll have a fast implementation, completed by retail and wholesale experts.

Our business consultants are true retail and wholesale experts, who aim to truly understand your business, your objectives and workflows before recommending a suitable migration path and best practice for full use of Brightpearl. They scope projects with you before contracts are signed, which means no nasty surprises, or project creep. With the strong expertise of our consultants, we aim to get you live with the system within 90 days on average, integrations included.

Before Brightpearl, we were using NetSuite, which was really difficult to configure and manage. Then, I found Brightpearl which had multiple core features in one system.

Dave Bell, Vesternet


With Brightpearl, you’ll have the freedom to grow.

We exist to support retail and wholesale growth, and place no restrictions on access to change. We know that you’re constantly looking to take advantage of new opportunities, such as expanding your business model to include B2B, or vice versa, opening new sales channels, or expanding into different countries. All of these changes require a flexible back office system. We make all of this easy, no developer or product expert required.

  • Roadmap dedicated 100% to retail and wholesale and focused on efficiency and flexibility.
  • Unlike NetSuite, core integrations are managed in-house, which means there’s no hassle when expanding into new markets or launching new sales channels.
  • You’ll never need a developer or product expert on-hand to help you expand your back office system.

World class integrations

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