Proximity and Brightpearl; natural partners delivering a complete order, delivery, and transport management solution 

Proximity deliver software solutions through logistics, manufacturing, retail and finance innovation


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Partnering with Brightpearl allows us to deliver a complete package to our customers. Our joint services provide our customers with a complete, end to end solution. Orders do not get left behind, everything is managed well, and they have great control of their inventory.”
— Dave Pickburn, Director, Proximity

The software solution

Proximity is a UK software development company based in Leeds and Nottingham. Established in 2007, they develop, maintain, and support software development solutions in the UK and across Europe. Their range of clients include large logistics companies such as Kuehne + Nagel and DB Schenker, and manufacturing companies such as AB World Foods. 

In addition to the development of demand-led software for their clients, Proximity has created their own cloud-based delivery and transport management software STREAM. It has been designed for companies with their own vehicles to manage their deliveries, orders, vehicles, route planning, and customer service. Their goal being to allow small and medium businesses to deliver the level of service that the best large businesses are.

The complete partnership challenge

Having developed STREAM, Proximity felt that they had a really good product and could see a clear niche. However they did not want to create their own accounting or inventory management systems, and instead were keen to work with someone that had. So they went out to the market to see what was available. 

The perfect spec:

  • Cloud-based
  • Built for the modern internet/smartphone age
  • Integrated accounting and inventory management
  • Works well with the big webstores and ecommerce sites
  • A good match for STREAM in terms of technology, and company spirit

Dave Pickburn, Director at Proximity, explained the challenges they faced. “We found there are lots of products out there that claimed to be what we needed, but simply weren’t. They were difficult to integrate with, and weren’t a good fit. Then we discovered Brightpearl. It’s a modern, cloud-based solution and a great match for our STREAM product. We felt that getting involved with Brightpearl was a good, strategic, move. We’re very pleased with the results.”

Proximity began partnering with Brightpearl. It wasn’t long before Proximity began suggesting the combined package of STREAM and Brightpearl for new clients. Dave explains “It was clear that the two work very well together. The combined offering is really strong for those companies who want to manage their own deliveries and get a firm grip on order management and integration with multi-channel retail sales. It really gives customers the control they need to grow sustainably.” Dave also explained the attraction of the two systems “Some of our customers have found that they may have an accounting system already, but when they discover what STREAM and Brightpearl can offer together, they often decide that what they have is perhaps not the best one for their business.”

Dave explains the profitable two-way relationship that partnering with Brightpearl offers “Sometimes customers who use Brightpearl come to us because of our partnership and they’re interested to know what we can offer.” 

Asked what advice would he give someone considering partnering with Brightpearl, Dave said “Find out about Brightpearl, speak to the team and see if you are a good team. We have invested and it’s a good move for us.”

The integrated future

Proximity achieve great satisfaction from the domino effect of delivering their solutions to their customers which delight them, and in turn, have opportunities to delight their own customers. They see their future as growing their large network of happy companies even further, within the UK and Europe, reaching into the US and beyond. 

With Brightpearl and STREAM being such a natural partnership, we look forward to helping Proximity on that journey together.