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Creating a memorable shopping experience for your customers helps create the type of loyalty you need to build your brand. Whether it’s ensuring effective communication or making the buying process as easy and efficient as possible, it’s critical to provide what your customers need, when they need it. But when staff are spending their time manually managing their daily tasks, it’s easy to lose focus on what matters most – your customers.

Brightpearl offers an easy to use point of sale solution that integrates with all other areas of your back office – inventory, accounting and CRM – so the information you need is in one place. Using Brightpearl POS, empower your sales team with all of the inventory and customer information they need to engage more effectively, drive more sales and create a satisfying shopping experience.

Brightpearl helps you to:


Focus on the customer

Your customers expect perfection and it’s your responsibility to do what you can to exceed those expectations. If your staff are too busy tied up with manual tasks, how can they focus on creating an enjoyable and positive shopping experience for your customers? Brightpearl helps integrate those processes so your staff can be faster and more available for the people who matter most.


Sell anywhere

Whether you have multiple brick and mortar locations, pop-up stores, or trade show and event stands, Brightpearl POS helps you sell your products wherever your customers are buying, allowing you to get reliable inventory information while providing your customers with easy payment options.

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Streamline returns

Don’t let returns and exchanges take up unnecessary amounts of time and negatively impact how your customers choose to shop with you in the future. By integrating with your payment provider, Brightpearl POS communicates with your warehouse to simplify and streamline your returns process.


Support your existing customers

Building loyalty among your existing customers is hard, especially as the retail environment becomes more competitive. Set yourself apart with service that exceeds your customers’ expectations and keeps them coming back.

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Gain insight into your business

Get access to reports that easily identify which products are driving profitability so you can confidently forecast and respond quickly to changes in demand. With automated inventory management and accounting, Brightpearl allows you to track your store performance in real time, with accuracy.


Offer transparency

In a world where online sales seem to dominate, customers are becoming more and more price savvy. Keep an eye on pricing and product margins across your business and sales channels with real-time margin, inventory and profit reports and an integrated POS system.

How our customers grow with Brightpearl

British lifestyle brand

Cabbages & Roses gains business-wide insight with Brightpearl’s all-in-one retail operations platform

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"We can see which products we want to move quickly because we’ve had them for a long time and which days are busier. We also monitor the impact of a new delivery, and if we have a spike in sales, we can check things out like what the weather was like that day. Looking at the product reports will also impact our product development. If we’ve had a lot of returns for a product, we’ll investigate why and possibly stop producing that item, change the design, or work with the manufacturer on improving the quality."

Holly-Leigh Harvey, , Head of Operations, Cabbages & Roses

Key Facts
  • 3 retail stores in London and Tokyo
  • 1 Magento webstore
  • 1 trade channel selling to independent retailers
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B2B and B2C jewelry brand

Alex Monroe streamlines order fulfillment from weeks to days

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"With the Brightpearl POS, the most important thing for us is that we can spend less time looking at the screen, and more time looking at our customers. We can have a conversation with them, show them the jewelry and get them involved with what we do here."

Tom Graham, , Ecommerce Manager, Alex Monroe

Key Facts
  • London-based boutique
  • 10,000+ SKUs
  • 35,000 orders per year
  • Magento webstore
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Multichannel apparel business

Oaklandish experiences 25-35% growth annually with Brightpearl POS

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"With Brightpearl, we can spend more time on growing the business rather than running operations."

Angela Tsay, , Founder and Creative Director, Oaklandish

Key Facts
  • Operates through 4 stores, pop-up shops, mobile events, a truck, and a wholesale operation
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Magento webstore
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Key features our brick and mortar customers love

POS for retail stores

With Brightpearl’s portable point of sale, staff can look up product availability and information across warehouses and stores quickly, providing your customers with a frictionless in store experience.

Sync in store and online sales and inventory

Automatically download orders placed from any channel and store them in one centralized system. As inventory levels adjust, the details are updated automatically and linked to your accounting, so your staff have a complete view of your customers from every sale.

Buy Online Pickup In Store

Know exactly what inventory is where with a real-time inventory sync between Brightpearl and your ecommerce store. Define delivery and pickup SLAs for items to be automatically transferred from another location or purchased from a supplier if they aren’t immediately available for pickup.

Process returns efficiently

Brightpearl tracks each return back to its original sale for you to then decide whether it should be resold, written off or analyzed for damages. By integrating with PayPal Here, payments and accounting transactions are handled automatically for every sale, return and exchange.

Manage all customer information

Brightpearl’s integrated CRM ensures all orders, call notes and emails are logged against the right contact record. Anyone on your team can see a complete timeline for each customer relationship so you can maintain a customer-first approach every time.

Real-time store performance

Know exactly how your store is performing with real-time reports around inventory, sales and financials. Analyze each area of your business by segmenting the insights you need like who are your most profitable customers, what are your best and worst selling products, and which are your highest and lowest performing stores.

World class integrations

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