Shopify launches the new Global ERP Program, reinventing commerce for high-volume merchants

Brightpearl partners with Shopify to connect high-volume commerce merchants’ ERP systems and commerce capabilities

The past year proved that businesses need to be nimble in the face of change, and their systems need to be ready for whatever shifts the future of commerce holds. This has never been truer for large-scale, high-volume commerce businesses, many of which have radically transformed their approach to commerce and how they serve their customers.

Today, more than 10,000 merchants use Shopify Plus to manage their volume and complexity while building meaningful relationships with their customers. These include brands that both started and scaled on Shopify, like Allbirds and Gymshark, in addition to longstanding brands and retailers seeking to quickly launch customizable commerce offerings such as Heinz, Schwinn, and Lord & Taylor.

With their size, scale, and complexity, high-growth, high-volume merchants have different needs from small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs. They require a centralized system that connects their commerce platform to the rest of their business processes, like inventory, sales, and customer information. To manage this complexity, thousands of Shopify Plus and Advanced merchants use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to organize key business data, like financials and inventory, to gain insights and optimize their operations and processes.

That’s why today, Shopify is launching its Global ERP Program, which allows select ERP partners to build direct integrations into the Shopify App Store.  The program provides partners with support from the Shopify Developer Success team in building their apps, while also giving merchants confidence that their apps meet a high standard of performance and user experience.

At launch, Shopify will be working with five select partners who are global leaders in enterprise– including Brightpearl.

Through the Global ERP Program, merchants can now access a suite of certified apps directly integrated with Shopify, without needing to rely on third-party implementations to connect their ERP to Shopify. The launch of the new Global ERP Program marks the first time Shopify has ever directly partnered with ERP providers, and extends its Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Program.

“At Shopify, we support businesses at all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys, from first sale to full scale. Regardless of their size, maturity or complexity, merchants can thrive and grow with confidence on Shopify,” said Mark Bergen, Vice President, Shopify. “With the launch of the Global ERP Program, we’re demonstrating our investment in supporting our enterprise merchants. We’re excited to partner with Brightpearl to bring together the best in commerce with the best in ERP. Together, we’re driving a reinvention of enterprise commerce by giving our merchants the power to manage the complexity of their business operations at scale.”

“The Shopify Global ERP Program is a fantastic addition for larger merchants, and we’re delighted to be a featured partner”, added Stuart Pick, VP Global Alliances, Brightpearl. “Large commerce firms can now quickly connect with enterprise partners, and, because they come Shopify-endorsed, they can trust in their ability to streamline and automate retail operations, level up end-to-end commerce capabilities and enhance experiences for their own end customers.”

By activating apps through the Global ERP Program, merchants unlock:

  • Seamless connections between workflows, leading to data-informed decision-making. Apps within the Global ERP Program connect directly to merchants’ ERP accounts, while importing and exporting data back to Shopify. By integrating their ERPs with their commerce operations, merchants get accurate, up-to-date data on their inventory, products, orders, and customer information. This is vital when making critical decisions for their businesses and providing their customers with positive commerce experiences.

  • The power to control their data. By installing apps that are certified and recognized by the Global ERP Program, merchants can ensure proprietary data will seamlessly and securely flow directly between their Shopify admin and their ERP, without the need to connect with a third-party.

  • The ability to save time and money. By integrating directly with certified ERP partners, merchants can avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of managing customized implementations. With less applications needed to run their businesses, merchants can introduce more automation and make their operations more efficient.

Merchants can connect their ERP solutions for Brightpearl to their Shopify stores here.

Oct 14, 2021