Has your business outgrown Quickbooks? We commonly see retailers who are hamstrung by manual processes and workarounds that they've been forced to adopt in Quickbooks. Brightpearl has been built specifically with omnichannel retailers and wholesalers in mind.

Retail focus

Brightpearl was born as a retail and wholesale management system. Every feature has been built to help retailers be more efficient. Quickbooks is a system that can be used by anyone from a coffee shop to a software startup. This means your solution will be complicated, require more customization, and include features not needed by your business.

We were not getting accurate inventory numbers and sales reports. Working with Quickbooks was not going well, and was pretty tough. Brightpearl really opened our eyes to the potential.
— Ben Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Icelantic

A focused partner

Quickbooks is deployed to the masses and they have a support team dealing with tens of thousands of accounts. With Brightpearl you will have a dedicated Success Manager that understands your business and is focused on helping you get the most from the platform.


Cloud based

Quickbooks Online still lacks many of the features of Quickbooks Pro which has forced many to compromise either accessibility or a robust feature set. Brightpearl was born in the cloud which means no need for software upgrades or having to use a specific operating systems, and has better data security.

We grew fast and got to the point where we couldn’t manage our inventory from all of our sales channels. We had to manually input them, count inventory and create big invoices. Quickbooks just didn’t make sense anymore.
— Yaniv Zigron, Owner, Face and Body Shoppe