Advanced inventory forecasting. Through Lokad, your commerce can service more clients with less stocks. You can also display better prices and outprice your competition while preserving your margins. Lokad natively supports Brightpearl offering a 1-click integration. Our service is free for companies below 450,000 USD of revenue per year, and we offer monthly subscriptions starting at 150 USD per month for larger companies.

Inventory Forecasting
Know when to order and how much to order. Optimize the return of your inventory. Get reorder points, order quantities and sales forecasts. Identify overstock and under stock within minutes. Lokad can also be tailored to support advance supply chain scenarios with minimal order quantities, container shipments or price breaks for example.

Commerce Analytics
Your commerce deserves better than Excel. Create dashboards with all the performance indicators that matter. Get insights and share them with your colleagues. Fine-tune your performance indicators. Lokad offers a commerce-specific programming language named Envision which provides as much flexibility you are used to find in Excel.

Pricing Optimization
Craft your own pricing strategy and outprice your competitors. Gain market shares but preserve your margins. Perform simulations and visualize the results. Reprice everything every day. Lokad also natively support third-party solutions to crawl the web and automatically retrieve the price of your competitors.

Free, self-serving or managed
We serve clients ranging from 1-man companies to retail networks including thousands of stores. Lokad is free for small business, and very affordable for bigger businesses. Our predictive analytics are uniquely geared for the challenges found in commerce, including dealing with sparse and erratic demand. Beyond self-service and through our paid plans, the Lokad team is here to help your commerce with an hands-on approach in order to improve your stock levels or your prices depending on your strategic priorities. Our managed accounts benefit from the direct supervision of an expert in commerce optimization from Lokad.

You can get started with Lokad for free for yearly revenues up to $450,000 or you can choose a different price plan for revenues exceeding this value. Please get in touch to find out more.