Optimize your email marketing with MailChimp - segment your customers in Brightpearl based on buying behavior, then use MailChimp to manage and track targeted email campaigns. This app will keep your data in synch with minimal effort and risk.

  • Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails

  • Targeted marketing increases open rates by 39%

  • Good targeting improves customer acquisition by 15%

Optimize your customer service by keeping your contact data up to date, without the admin overhead. All subscriber and campaign activity gets added to the contact's timeline in Brightpearl; orders are synced automatically into MailChimp's eCommerce360 feature and there's no need to import spreadsheets to update the other system!

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  • Target campaigns based on buying behavior

  • Records campaign activity in the contact timeline

  • Syncs orders automatically into MailChimp's eCommerce360 feature

You can install this app by logging into your Brightpearl account; clicking through to the App Store at the top of the screen and clicking "Turn on" for this app. You can find out more by getting in touch with our Customer Success team.