How to increase revenue and customer loyalty through business intelligence

Accurate data and effective tools are necessary to glean real insight into your inventory, understanding your customer buying behaviour, and tracking your marketing efforts.


In the past SMB retailers have been tied to using keyboards for many hours to avoid the price and implementation requirements attached to traditional BI. Various spreadsheets and numerous versions of the truth were the only source of data to inform important buying, pricing, marketing and other commercial decisions.

Brightpearl has collaborated with Minubo to drive powerful data analysis across your business data so you can take actions to drive revenue and profitability. Instead of defining your KPIs and building your reports from scratch, you can use a set of best practice ecommerce reports and dashboards that live in the cloud, available from anywhere, automatically kept up-to-date with your latest trading information to give you the metrics you need to run your business successfully.

Watch this video to see how VeloBrands, a successful independent retailer, benefits from using ‘Brightpearl Insights’ to increase revenue, profitability and lower marketing costs.

You'll learn:

  • What business decisions are informed by Business Intelligence (BI)
  • The KPI’s you should be tracking to run a successful retail operation
  • What reports VeloBrands have used to become a £3.5m company - and growing!