Automate Your Retail Workflows

With Brightpearl's retail automation platform, you can automate your workflows to save time and money.




Design, establish, automate

Design, establish and fine-tune your workflows within Brightpearl and then automate them to save on time and costs. Brightpearl's retail automation platform eliminates errors, giving you more time to handle exceptions and focus on growth. 

icelantic grew 15% year on year with brightpearls retail platform

flexible automation to suit your business



Flexible Automation to Suit Your Business

Fine-tune Brightpearl’s retail automation suite to fit the needs of your business and ensure that you're driving your software, not the other way around. With Brightpearl's easy to use interface, you get full control of every detail of your your workflows without having to get technical.



Manage By Exception

As your business and order volume grows, it becomes harder to process orders individually or in small batches. With Brightpearl you can completely automate as much of your order workflow as you need, meaning your staff only need to manage orders by exception, rather than as a rule.  

the priory saved 60 hours per month with retail automation

reduce admin time with retail automation



Less admin, more growth

By automating workflows, you get the time back from performing tasks such as sending orders to the warehouse or logging consignments with carriers back. This means you’re able to cut additional costs and redeploy your team - moving people from the back office to the front office, or onto growth activities.




All your channels, automated

Brightpearl integrates with popular ecommerce platforms, sales channels and shipping solutions so you can customize your account to meet your business needs. Our retail automation software makes it possible to automate your entire retail business. 

brightpearl integrates with all of your channels.

Automate your retail today, find out how